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About Voice Chasers
What is Voice Chasers?

Voice Chasers is one of the leading online destinations for information related to voice acting. Our large, comprehensive database, which includes voice actor profiles, headshots, demos, voiceographies and more, has become an accurate resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Since our inception in 1996, Voice Chasers has been instrumental in increasing awareness of and interest in the voice-over industry and the talented members of the voice acting community.

Voice Chasers is not a talent agency of any kind and does not represent the actors listed on this website. When known, the actor's representing agency will be listed on his/her profile page.

The information presented on Voice Chasers is meant for research, education, and entertainment purposes only. This website is owned and produced by Dekiru Productions and is run by a group of dedicated volunteers.

Voice Chasers Staff

Kristy Sproul
Webmaster / Producer
Brian Kendig
Software Developer
Andrew Leal
Administrator / Lead Contributor
Jeremy LaLonde
Graphic Designer
Sherry Moore
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Sonia Lai
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James Craven
Arthur Denorfia Jr.
Sami Kemppainen
George Kovka
Kevin Sproul

Website Credit

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Special Thanks

Voice Chasers would like to thank the following people for their contributions to and support of the website over the years: Joe Alaskey, James Alburger, Wayne Allwine, Michael Bell, Gerg Berg, Bob Bergen, Steve Blum, Mandy Bonhomme, Greg Burson, Ian Corlett, Dan @ The Official Katie Leigh Fan Club, Ralph W. Daniel, Debi Derryberry, Christy Erkel, Mark Evanier, Crispin Freeman, Craig Fuqua, John William Galt, Dylan Glassford, Jess Harnell, Kyle Hebert, Darryl Heine, Matt Hooker, Janyse Jaud, Ryan Jean, Sabrina Johnson, Neil Kaplan, Wendee Lee, Jenna Leigh, George Kovka, Allison Martin, Tristan MacAvery, Tress MacNeille, Scott McNeil, Lani Minella, Becky Noll, Daran Norris, Michael O'Meara, Rob Paulsen, Phil Proctor, Rosemary Reeve, Melanie Robinson, Lia Sargent, Joshua Seth, Suzanne Smiley, David Sobolov, Craig and Tara Strong, Russi Taylor, Veronica Taylor, Karen Tindall, Laura Trombley, Stevie Vallance, Billy West, Wally Wingert, and everyone who has ever contributed or helped spread the word about us. Thank you!

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