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Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 08 November 2005

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Chavez y Chavez Armando Valdes-Kennedy
Clay Allison Tom Skerritt
Colton White Thomas Jane
Dr. Campbell James M. Connor
Fat Sam Robin Atkin Downes
Federal Marshall J. Grant Albrecht
Fights-at-Dawn Eric Schweig
Hollister Marc Graue
Honest Tom Frank Collison
Hootie Robin Atkin Downes
Jenny Kath Soucie
Many Wounds Eric Schweig
Mayor Hoodoo Brown Ron Perlman
Native American Myrton Running Wolf
Ned White Kris Kristofferson
Port Bryce Johnson
Reverend Josiah Reed Brad Dourif
Rudabaugh Wade Williams
Soapy Jennings Dave Wittenberg
Stone Hand Jay Tavare
Thomas MacGruder Lance Henriksen
Webb John Getz
(additional voices) Cathy Cavadini
  Frank Collison
  Marc Graue
  Nicholas Guest
  Bryce Johnson
  Andrew Kishino
  Vanessa Marshall
  Nolan North
  Philip Proctor
  Dwight Schultz
  Stephen Stanton
  Fred Tatasciore
  Armando Valdes-Kennedy

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