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Spectacular Spider-Man, The
Spectacular Spider-Man, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 08 March 2008 - 08 November 2009
Voice Director: Jamie Thomason

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Aaron Warren Brian George "Survival of the Fittest," "Blueprints"
Alan O'Neil James Arnold Taylor "Probable Cause"
Anna Watson Kath Soucie
Aunt May Parker Deborah Strang
Bernard Houseman Jeff Bennett "Opening Night," "Final Curtain"
Betty Brant Grey Griffin
Billy Connors Max Burkholder "Natural Selection"
Black Cat / Felicia Hardy Tricia Helfer
Blackie Gaxton Steve Blum "Reinforcement," "Gangland," "Subtext"
Bodyguard Andrew Kishino "Accomplices"
Calypso Angela Bryant "Destructive Testing"
Captain George Stacy Clancy Brown
Chameleon / Dmitri Smerdyakov Steve Blum
Coach Smith Kevin Michael Richardson "Competition"
Crusher Hogan Jim Cummings "Intervention"
Dilbert Trilby Steve Blum
Doctor Octopus / Otto Octavius Peter MacNicol
Donald Menken Greg Weisman "Blueprints," "Shear Strength," "Accomplices," "Final Curtain"
Dr. Ashley Kafka Elisa Gabrielli "Group Therapy," "Reinforcement"
Dr. Bromwell Dorian Harewood "Interactions," "Intervention"
Electro / Maxwell Dillon Crispin Freeman
Fancy Dan / Ricochet Phil LaMarr "Survival of the Fittest," "Probable Cause"
Flash Thompson Joshua LeBar
Frederick Foswell James Arnold Taylor
Glory Grant Cree Summer
Green Goblin Steve Blum
Gwen Stacy Lacey Chabert
Hammerhead John DiMaggio
Harry Osborn James Arnold Taylor
Hobie Brown Charles Duckworth
Homunculi Thom Adcox Hernandez "Blueprints," "Reinforcement"
  Dee Bradley Baker "Blueprints"
  Steve Blum "Blueprints," "Reinforcement," "Opening Night"
  Phil LaMarr "Opening Night"
  Cree Summer "Opening Night"
  James Arnold Taylor "Reinforcement"
J. Jonah Jameson Daran Norris
Joan Jameson Jane Lynch "Gangland"
John Jameson Daran Norris
Kenny "King Kong" McFarlane Andrew Kishino
Kraven the Hunter / Sergei Kravinoff Eric Vesbit
Liz Allan Alanna Ubach
Lizard / Dr. Curt Connors Dee Bradley Baker
Martha Connors Kath Soucie
Mary Jane Watson Liliana Barba (Spanish (Latin American))
  Vanessa Marshall
Matthew Besnick Steve Blum "Opening Night"
Mayor Waters B.J. Ward "Persona"
Miles Warren Brian George "Blueprints," "Destructive Testing"
Molten Man / Mark Allan Eric Lopez
Morris Bench Bill Fagerbakke "Shear Strength"
Mr. Parrot Steve Blum "Growing Pains"
Mysterio / Quentin Beck Xander Berkeley
Ned Lee Andrew Kishino
Norman Osborn Alan Rachins
Officer Jean DeWolff Irene Bedard
Officer Stan Carter Thomas F. Wilson
OsCorp Security Guard Kevin Michael Richardson "Final Curtain"
OsCorp Voice Grey Griffin "Accomplices," "Opening Night"
Ox Clancy Brown "Survival of the Fittest"
  Danny Trejo "Probable Cause"
Patch James Arnold Taylor "Reinforcement," "Accomplices"
Principal Davis Kevin Michael Richardson "First Steps"
Randy Robertson Phil LaMarr
Rhino / Alex O'Hirn Clancy Brown
Robbie Robertson Phil LaMarr
Roderick Kingsley Courtney B. Vance "Accomplices"
Sally Avril Grey Griffin
Sandman / Flint Marko John DiMaggio
Seymour O'Reilly Steve Blum "Destructive Testing"
Sha Shan Nguyen Kelly Hu
Ship Captain Kevin Michael Richardson "First Steps"
Ship Helmsman Phil LaMarr "First Steps"
Shocker / Montana / Jackson Brice Jeff Bennett
Silver Sable / Sable Manfredi Nikki Cox
Silvermane Miguel Ferrer
Spider-Man / Peter Parker Josh Keaton
St. John Devereaux Jeff Bennett
Stan Stan Lee "Blueprints"
Stephanie Briggs Grey Griffin "Shear Strength"
Sullivan Edwards Robert Costanzo "Intervention"
Ted Twaki Clyde Kusatsu "Reaction"
Thug #1 Crispin Freeman "Natural Selection"
Tinkerer / Phineas Mason Thom Adcox Hernandez
Tombstone / Lonnie Lincoln Keith David "Survival of the Fittest"
  Kevin Michael Richardson
Trina Alanna Ubach "Shear Strength"
Uncle Ben Parker Edward Asner "Intervention"
Venom / Eddie Brock Ben Diskin
Vulture / Adrian Toomes Robert Englund
Walter Hardy James Remar "Opening Night"

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