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Vampire Princess Miyu
Vampire Princess Miyu

Genre: Anime Series
Release Dates: 06 October 1997 - 31 March 1998

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Akiko Julia Meynen (German)
  Yumi Takada (Japanese)
Announcer Dave Wittenberg "Confrontation"
Aquarium Director Philece Sampler "Dream of the Mermaid"
Barrow Steve Blum "Light of the Sea"
Bird's Voice Jerry Gelb "The Boy Who Returned"
Black Kite / Tonbi Tony Pope "Once Upon a Time"
Boy in Swamp Brian Donovan "The Swamp of Promises"
Bus Driver Steve Blum "Dream of the Mermaid"
Captain Michael Sorich "Light of the Sea" Pt. 1
Cat / Han-Ki Derek Stephen Prince "Your Home"
Chang Michael Sorich "Woman Priest"
Chisato Inoue Anjuli Cain
Chisato's Mother Mona Marshall "Confrontation"
Cops Jerry Gelb "Confrontation"
  Jamieson Price "Confrontation"
Daughter Sandy Fox "Reiha Has Come"
Doctor / Oh-Shu Cedering Fox "A Supple Face"
Doll / Kai-Rai Laurie Faso "Love of the Dolls"
Fat Lady Mona Marshall "Once Upon a Time"
Father Kirk Baily "Reiha Has Come"
Galerie Owner Dave Mallow "Love of the Dolls"
Garline Roger Rose "Light of the Sea"
Gas Station Manager Dave Mallow "The Moray Boat"
Genji Paul Mercier "Flag of Shinma"
Genta Doug Stone "Flag of Shinma"
Genzo Laurie Faso "Flag of Shinma"
Girl at Subway Wendee Lee "At the Next Station"
Helmsman Joshua Seth "Light of the Sea" Pt. 1
Hiroshi Sone Michael Lindsay "Butterfly Enchantment"
Hisae Aoki Emmanuelle Chriqui
Hisae's Mother Mona Marshall "The Last Shinma"
Housewife Mari Devon "City of Illusion"
  Philece Sampler "Dream of the Mermaid"
  Ellyn Stern "City of Illusion"
Iguana / Ga-Ryu Bob Papenbrook "The Fang Knows It"
Ja-Ka Susan Blakeslee "The Swamp of Promises"
Kamen Bob Papenbrook "The Forest Calls"
Kanno Philece Sampler "The Red Shoes"
Kasumi Kimihara Paula Tiso "Love of the Dolls"
Kayo Sandy Fox "Fate"
Kitjutsushi Jamieson Price "Once Upon a Time"
Kiyoshi Michael Reisz "Fate"
Koh-Waku Joshua Seth "Woman Priest"
Kouichi Shigere Richard Cansino "The Forest Calls"
Kyoichi Yaguchi David Lodge "The Moray Boat"
Larva Ryan Alosio
Lilith Melissa Fahn "Light of the Sea"
Little Girl Mari Devon "City of Illusion"
Maiko Yanagihara Julia Fletcher "The Fang Knows It"
Maki Frank Catalano "The Garden of Crying Reeds"
Maki (Young) Joshua Seth "The Garden of Crying Reeds"
Maki's Father Steve Blum "The Garden of Crying Reeds"
Maki's Mother Mona Marshall "The Garden of Crying Reeds"
Male Attendant Ryan Alosio "The Moray Boat"
Male Teacher Ryan Alosio "Butterfly Enchantment"
Man Michael Lindsay "City of Illusion"
  Doug Stone "City of Illusion"
Man on Bike Michael Lindsay "City of Illusion"
Matsukaze Mona Marshall
Mayumi Takahashi / Ayu Brianne Siddall "The Moray Boat"
Mei-Fah Melissa Fahn "Woman Priest"
Michiko Susan Blakeslee "The Red Shoes"
Middle-Aged Woman Mari Devon "City of Illusion"
Miho Arisawa Lara Jill Miller "The Red Shoes"
Miyu Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Miyu's Mother Philece Sampler "Once Upon a Time"
Mom Mari Devon "City of Illusion"
Morishita Rebecca Forstadt "The Fang Knows It"
Moru Ellyn Stern "Butterfly Enchantment"
Mr. Shigere Michael McConnohie "The Forest Calls"
Mrs. Oshima Julia Fletcher "The Sepia Colored Portrait"
Mrs. Shigere Mari Devon "The Forest Calls"
Mrs. Yaguchi Mari Devon "The Moray Boat"
Music Man Tony Pope "Once Upon a Time"
Nami Wendee Lee "Light of the Sea"
Narrator Julia Fletcher
Nobuo Matchiyama Matt K. Miller "The Fang Knows It"
Old Lady Catherine Battistone "Reiha Has Come"
Old Man Paul Mercier "City of Illusion"
  Barry Stigler "The Sepia Colored Portrait"
Policeman Michael Lindsay "City of Illusion"
  Doug Stone "City of Illusion"
Reiha Wendee Lee
Reiha's Mother Wendee Lee "Confrontation"
Reporter #1 Ryan Alosio "Love of the Dolls"
Reporter #2 Dave Mallow "Love of the Dolls"
Reporter #3 Ryan Alosio "Love of the Dolls"
Ruri Sone Wendee Lee "Butterfly Enchantment"
Ryosuke Lex Lang "The Sepia Colored Portrait"
Ryu Kirk Thornton "Light of the Sea"
Ryuji Steve Blum "A Supple Face"
Salarie Man Dave Wittenberg "Confrontation"
Saori Wendee Lee "Your Home"
Saori's Friend Steve Blum "Your Home"
Sato Ellyn Stern "Flag of Shinma"
Shiina Francesca Catalano
Shinma Jerry Gelb "Confrontation"
Shizuko Melissa Fahn "Dream of the Mermaid"
Street Vendor Richard Cansino "At the Next Station"
Street Vendor / Shidon Michael Lindsay "The Last Shinma," "Eternal Slumber"
Student Frank Catalano "Once Upon a Time"
Takashi Kashiwabara / Kyo-Koh Jess Harnell "The Red Shoes"
Taxi Driver Richard Cansino "The Ghost of Miyu"
  Barry Stigler "The Ghost of Miyu"
Tokiya Inoue / Hiyoku Dave Wittenberg "The Boy Who Returned"
Toshiro Doug Erholtz "Dream of the Mermaid"
Train Announcement Richard Cansino "At the Next Station"
Train Employee Dave Wittenberg "Confrontation"
Village Chief Paul Mercier "Flag of Shinma"
Villagers Laurie Faso "Flag of Shinma"
Woman / En-Jyu Mari Devon "Reiha Has Come"
Woman with Cats / Ko-Jyou Colleen O'Shaughnessey "The Garden of Crying Reeds"
Yamanouchi Wendee Lee "The Fang Knows It"
Yang Joshua Seth "Woman Priest"
Yasuhiko Tachiki Dave Mallow "City of Illusion"
Yasuhiko's Wife / Moh-Chi Mari Devon "City of Illusion"
Yasuhiro Takashima Derek Stephen Prince "Your Home"
Yoko Philece Sampler "A Supple Face"
Youichi Oshima Kirk Thornton "The Sepia Colored Portrait"
Young Man / Ro-Sha John DeMita "At the Next Shinma"
Yui-Li Zilah Mendoza "Woman Priest"
Yui-Li's Father Steve Blum "Woman Priest"
Yui-Li's Mother Philece Sampler "Woman Priest"
Yukari Kashima Stephanie Denise Griffin
Yuki Rebecca Forstadt "Love of the Dolls"
Yuko Shigere Rebecca Forstadt "The Forest Calls"

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