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Genre: Animated Film
Release Date: 18 June 1999

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Baby Babboon Danny Mann
Clayton Brian Blessed
  Gérard Rinaldi (French)
English Captain Philip Proctor
Flynt Erik von Detten
Jane Porter Julie Burroughs (French) (Quebecois)
  Minnie Driver
  Valérie Lemercier (French)
Kala Glenn Close
  Kat Cressida (gorilla effects and grunts)
Kerchak Lance Henriksen
Little Ape Aria Noelle Curzon
Monkey Jack Angel
Mungo Jason Marsden
Professor Archimedes Q. Porter Nigel Hawthorne
  Aarre Karén (Finnish)
  Henri Labussière (French)
Scared Elephant Philip Proctor
Tantor Wayne Knight
  Arturo Mercado (Spanish (Latin American))
Tantor's Mother Patti Deutsch
Tarzan Max Felder (German) (Young)
  Tony Goldwyn
  Emmanuel Jacomy (French)
  Scott Record (yells)
Terk Elina Knihtilä (Finnish)
  Rosie O'Donnell
Terk's Mother Mickie McGowan
Various Monkeys Debi Derryberry
Young Tantor Taylor Dempsey
Young Tarzan Alex D. Linz
  Brianne Siddall (effort noises)
(additional voices) Beth Anderson
  Joseph Ashton
  Bob Bergen
  Rodger Bumpass
  Jim Cummings
  Jennifer Darling
  Paul Eiding
  Blake McIver Ewing
  Sam Gifaldi
  Jackie Gonneau
  Sherry Lynn
  Chris Sanders
  Stephanie Sawyer
  Shane Sweet
  Joe Whyte
(chorus) Michael Geiger
  Debbie Hall
  Jonnie Hall
  Sandie Hall
  Linda Harmon
  Karen Harper
  Luana Jackman
  Susie Stevens Logan
  Melissa MacKay
  Bobbi Page
  Frank Simms
  Jamie Torcellini

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