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Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 2000
Voice Director: Jamie Thomason

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
42 Joy Behar "42"
Alien Dad Jim Cummings "A Zoo Out There"
Alien Kid Mary Kay Bergman "A Zoo Out There"
Alien Mom Mary Kay Bergman "A Zoo Out There"
Alnip Dan Castellaneta "The Main Event"
Announcer Jess Harnell "Large Target"
Bartender Heads Jess Harnell "Bunzel Fever"
Binipardians Jeff Bennett "De-Evolutionaries"
  Jim Cummings "De-Evolutionaries"
Bomb Vendor Jess Harnell "Bunzel Fever"
Bonnie Lepton Tara Strong "Eye of the Tempest"
Booster Hubertus von Lerchenfeld (German)
Booster Sinclair Munchapper Stephen Furst
Brain Pod Paul Rugg "The Shape Stealer"
Brain Pod #13 Dan Castellaneta "Shiv Katall"
Brain Pod #17 Frank Welker "The Lightyear Factor"
Brain Pod #18 Jeff Bennett "The Lightyear Factor"
Brain Pod #26 Frank Welker "The Crawling Flesh"
Brain Pod #39 Frank Welker "Clone Rangers"
Brain Pod #57 Jeremy Piven "Star Crossed"
Brain Pod #81 Jeff Bennett "The Lightyear Factor"
Brain Pod #94 Tress MacNeille "Clone Rangers"
Brent Starkisser Corey Burton
Buzz Lightyear Patrick Warburton
Bystander Paul Rugg "The Shape Stealer"
Chief Nichelle Nichols "The Yukari Imprint"
Clay Jess Harnell "Mira's Wedding," "Downloaded"
Commander Nebula Adam Carolla
Cooley Charles Napier "Haunted Moon"
Cosmo Paul Rugg
Crumford Lorak Jon Favreau
Dealer Jess Harnell "Large Target"
Docent Rob Paulsen "Millennial Bugs"
Dr. Ozma Furbanna Linda Hamilton
Ed the Courier Paul Rugg
Eon Bill Mumy "Tag Team," "A Zoo Out There"
Epoch Frank Welker "A Zoo Out There"
Era Jonathan Harris "A Zoo Out There"
Evan Zarl John Kassir "Large Target"
Evil Buzz Lightyear Patrick Warburton "The Lightyear Factor," "Sunquake"
Evil Emperor Zurg Wayne Knight
Fixer Edward Asner "The Return of XL"
Flint Mark Hamill "Planet of the Lost"
Flon Kath Soucie "The Main Event"
Floyd Corey Burton "Stranger Invasion"
Fop Doppler Rob Paulsen "Mira's Wedding"
General Corey Burton "Stranger Invasion"
Gil Stephen Tobolowsky "Mindwarp"
Gorgeous Woman Kelly McGillis "Planet of the Lost"
Grandpa Munchapper Jess Harnell "Bunzel Fever"
Gravatina Kerri Kenney
Grubs Frank Welker
Host Rob Paulsen "Lost in Time"
Inspector Paul Rugg "Rescue Mission"
Judge Mills Lane "Lone Wolf"
Keno Kentrix Jess Harnell "Large Target"
Krnozian Rob Paulsen "Enemy Without a Face"
LGMs Patrick Warburton
Leader Ron Perlman "Haunted Moon"
Little Joe Kevin Michael Richardson "Lone Wolf"
Ma Munchapper Conchata Ferrell "Root of Evil," "Bunzel Fever," "Revenge of the Raenoks"
Main Title Narrator Gary Owens
Marl John Kassir "Star Crossed"
Mary Dawnn Lewis "Panic on Bathyos"
Minister Gularis Harvey Korman "Panic on Bathyos"
Mira Nova Nicole Sullivan
Monumentus Charles Fleischer
Mr. Andrew Kevin Michael Richardson "Lone Wolf"
Mr. Zoop Dan Castellaneta "The Main Event"
NOS-4-A2 Craig Ferguson
Pa Munchapper Fred Willard "Root of Evil," "Bunzel Fever," "Revenge of the Raenoks"
Petra Nikki Cox "The Plasma Monster"
Professor Spyro Von Madman / Professor Spyro Lepton Ryan Stiles "Eye of the Tempest"
Professor Triffid Joel Murray "Dirty Work", "Little Secrets"
Punk #2 Rob Paulsen "At Large on a Small Planet"
Punk-Goons Max Brooks "Lone Wolf"
  Kevin Michael Richardson "Lone Wolf"
Pwerta April Winchell "Stress Test"
Romac David James Elliott "Star Crossed"
Sally Kerri Kenney
Science Bronson Pinchot "Haunted Moon"
Senator Aarrfvox Jim Cummings "A Zoo Out There"
Shakey Bronson Pinchot "Haunted Moon"
Shape Stealer Frank Welker "The Shape Stealer"
Sheriff Stephen Root "Revenge of the Raenoks", "Strange Invasion"
Snark John Kassir "Large Target"
Soldier Corey Burton "Stranger Invasion"
Tech #1 Roger Rose "Sunquake"
Titanux Rob Paulsen "At Large on a Small Planet"
Torque Brad Garrett
Tough Clancy Brown "Haunted Moon"
Tremendor Kevin Michael Richardson
Trucker Roger Rose "Sunquake"
Ty Parsec / Wirewolf Steve Hytner "Wirewolf," "Revenge of the Monsters"
Vartkes Ricardo Montalbán "Lone Wolf"
Villager #3 Roger Rose "Planet of the Lost"
Waiter Rob Paulsen "Millennial Bugs"
Warp Darkmatter Diedrich Bader
XL Bobcat Goldthwait
XR Neil Flynn
  Larry Miller
Zinko John Kassir "Large Target"
Zoey Park Overall "Lone Wolf"

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