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Matrix: Path of Neo, The
Matrix: Path of Neo, The

Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 08 November 2005
Voice Director: Chris Borders

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Agent Brown Michael Gough (II)
Agent Jackson Stephen Stanton
Agent Johnson Fred Tatasciore
Agent Jones James M. Connor
Agent Smith Christopher Corey Smith
Agent Thompson Robin Atkin Downes
Agent White James Horan
Apoc Dempsey Pappion
Army Soldier Kevin Delaney
Ballard Phil LaMarr
Bane Gideon Emery
Chinatown Gangster George Kee Cheung
  Lo Ming
Civilian Kimberly Brooks
  Keith Ferguson
  Nika Futterman
  James Horan
  Jeff Kelly
  Lex Lang
  Hope Levy
  Stefan Marks
  Jen Taylor
Doberman Billy Brown
  Michael Rodgers
  Stephen Stanton
Insectoid Keith Ferguson
Japanese Assassin Mio Takada
  Jerry Tondo
Kung Fu Soldier George Kee Cheung
  Lo Ming
Link Keith Ferguson
Merovingian Robin Atkin Downes
Morpheus Laurence Fishburne
Neo Andrew Bowen
Niobe Kimberly Brooks
Operator Phil LaMarr
Police Michael Benyaer
  James Horan
  Lex Lang
  Stefan Marks
  James C. Mathis III
  Peter Renaday
  Stephen Stanton
Red Pill Club Kid Hope Levy
Red Pill Herb Shop Owner Paul Nakauchi
Red Pill Librarian Jen Taylor
Red Pill Security Guard Rick Pasqualone
Rogue Witch Brett Pels
Roland Fred Tatasciore
SWAT Soldier James M. Connor
  Kevin Delaney
  Phil LaMarr
  Mitch Lewis
  Dempsey Pappion
  Rick Pasqualone
  Ben Shields
  Fred Tatasciore
Security Michael Benyaer
  James Horan
  Lex Lang
  Stefan Marks
  James C. Mathis III
  Peter Renaday
  Stephen Stanton
Seraph Michael Gough (II)
Switch Nika Futterman
Swordsman Mitch Lewis
The Architect Peter Renaday
The Key Maker Peter Renaday
Theatre Heckler Kevin Delaney
Trinity Jennifer Hale
Vamp Michael Benyaer
  Robin Atkin Downes
  Michael Gough (II)
Witch Boss Nika Futterman

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