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Power Rangers In Space
Power Rangers In Space

Genre: Live Action Series
Release Dates: 06 February 1998 - 21 November 1998
Voice Director: David Walsh

Adapted from "Denji Sentai Megaranger."

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alpha 6 Catherine Battistone
Barillian Bug Kim Strauss "The Barillian Sting"
Body Switcher Ezra Weisz "Invasion of the Body Switcher"
Crocotoxes Michael Sorich "Red With Envy"
D.E.C.A. Julie Maddalena
Dark Specter Christopher Cho
Darkonda Steve Kramer
Destructipede Mike Reynolds "The Great Evilyzer"
Destructoid Ezra Weisz "A Date with Danger"
Ecliptor Lex Lang
Electrotramp Blake Torney "Shell Shocked"
Elgar Derek Stephen Prince
Frightwing Tony Oliver "Dark Spectre's Revenge" Pt. 2
Horror Bull Brad Orchard "A Date With Danger'
Jakarak Lex Lang "Andros and the Stowaway"
King Mondo David Stenstrom "Countdown to Destruction" Pt. 1
Klank Oliver Page "Countdown to Destruction" Pt. 1
Lionizer Ken Merckx "True Blue to the Rescue"
Lizwizard Ezra Weisz "Always a Chance"
Lord Zedd Robert Axelrod "From Out of Nowhere" Pt. 1, "Countdown to Destruction"
Lunatick Bob Papenbrook "Survival of the Silver"
Mamamite Jackie Marchand "Grandma Matchmaker"
Mutantrus Brett Walkow "Flashes of Darkonda," "The Rangers' Mega Voyage"
Owl Monster Brad Orchard "Rangers Gone Psycho"
Phantom Ranger Alex Dodd "The Delta Discovery"
Powerdriller Kirk Thornton "The Great Evilyzer"
Praying Mantis Dave Mallow "The Silver Secret"
Psycho Ranger Black Michael Maize
Psycho Ranger Blue Wally Wingert "Rangers Gone Psycho," "Five of a Kind," "Ghosts in the Machine"
Psycho Ranger Pink Vicki Davis "Rangers Gone Psycho," "Carlos on Call," "A Rift in the Rangers," "Ghosts in the Machine"
Psycho Ranger Yellow Kamera Walton
Psycho Red Patrick David
Queen Machina Brianne Siddall "From Out of Nowhere"
Rita Repulsa Barbara Goodson "From Out of Nowhere" Pt. 1, "Countdown to Destruction"
Seymour R. Martin Klein "Andros and the Stowaway"
Spikey Bob Papenbrook "Astronema Thinks Twice"
Sting King Bob Papenbrook "The Wasp With a Heart"
Tankenstein Derek Stephen Prince "A Line in the Sand"
Termitus Dave Mallow "Grandma Matchmaker"
Vacsacker Richard Epcar "Mission to Secret City"
Voltage Hog Kirk Thornton "A Ranger Among Thieves"
Waspicable Ken Merckx "The Wasp With a Heart"

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