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Generator Rex
Generator Rex

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 23 April 2010
Voice Director: Collette Sunderman

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Abuela Shelley Morrison "Night Falls"
Agent Six Wally Kurth
Annie Felicia Day "Operation: Wingman," "Haunted"
Announcer Tom Kenny "Without a Paddle"
Architect John DiMaggio "The Architect"
Beach Girls Grey Griffin "Beyond the Sea"
  Tara Sands "Beyond the Sea"
Beagle Fred Savage "The Day That Everything Changed"
Beverly Holiday Jennifer Stone "A Family Holiday"
Biowulf Troy Baker
Biruta John DiMaggio "Outpost"
Black Knight Jennifer Hale
Blue Collar Worker Dave Wittenberg "The Hunter"
Bobo Haha John DiMaggio
Bouvier Rob Paulsen "Gravity"
Breach Hynden Walch
Bug John DiMaggio "Frostbite"
Burly Jock Daran Norris "Without a Paddle"
Businessman Troy Baker "Dark Passage"
Caleb Will Shadley "The Architect"
Cap-Com Rob Paulsen "Gravity"
Captain Robin Atkin Downes "Waste Land"
Captain Callan Wally Kurth
Captured Infected Troy Baker "String Theory"
Carmen Marion Ross "Rampage"
Chiquito Christian Lanz "Hermanos"
Circe Tara Sands
Claire Bowman Danica McKellar "Operation: Wingman," "Haunted"
Co-Pilot Grey Griffin "The Forgotten"
Coach Daran Norris "Without a Paddle"
Computer Grey Griffin "Plague," "Alliance"
Contraption Voice Freddy Rodriguez "Mixed Signals"
Cricket Vyvan Pham "Rabble," "Hard Target," "Remote Control"
Cured E.V.O. J.K. Simmons "The Day That Everything Changed"
DJ John DiMaggio "Operation: Wingman"
Dark Figure John DiMaggio "Six Minus Six"
Determined Grandma Marion Ross "Rampage"
Diane Farah Grey Griffin "Exposed"
Dock Worker John DiMaggio "Rampage"
Dos Carlos Alazraqui "Divide By Six"
Dr. Brandon Moses Nolan North "A Family Holiday"
Dr. Caesar Salazar Freddy Rodriguez
Dr. Fell James Horan "Promises, Promises"
Dr. Gabriel Rylander Brent Spiner "Dark Passage"
Dr. Hodgson Robin Atkin Downes "Waste Land"
Dr. Rebecca Holiday Grey Griffin
E.V.O. Guard Kevin Michael Richardson "Rabble"
East Side Kid Daryl Sabara "Without a Paddle"
Echoey Voices Troy Baker "Frostbite"
  Grey Griffin "Frostbite"
Etude Troy Baker "Lost Weekend"
Fast-Talking Announcer Phil LaMarr "Moonlighting"
Female Partygoer Kath Soucie "Lost Weekend"
Fitzy Feakins Tom Kenny "Deadzone"
Five Olivia d'Abo "Divide By Six," "A Family Holiday," "Six Minus Six"
Fortier James Horan "Promises, Promises"
Foul Mouth Dee Bradley Baker "Lockdown"
Gharun Set Hakeem Kae-Kazim "Riddle of the Sphinx"
Girl in Movie Felicia Day "Haunted"
Grandma Marion Ross "Moonlighting"
Guard Troy Baker "Rampage"
Guards John DiMaggio "Outpost"
  Miguel Sandoval "Outpost"
Hipster Jason Marsden "Lost Weekend"
Housewife Grey Griffin "Moonlighting"
Huckster John DiMaggio "Remote Control"
Human E.V.O. John DiMaggio "A Family Holiday"
Hunter Cain John Cena "The Hunter"
  John DiMaggio "Night Falls"
I-V Frank Welker "Divide By Six"
Infected John DiMaggio "String Theory"
  Fred Savage "String Theory"
Innocent Woman Grey Griffin "The Hunter"
Instigator Dave Wittenberg "The Hunter"
Isabella Grey Griffin "Moonlighting," "Guy Vs. Guy"
Jacob Luke Perry "The Architect"
Jungle Cat E.V.O. John DiMaggio "Dark Passage," "Grounded"
Kate Grey Griffin "The Architect"
Kenwyn Jones Rutina Wesley "Basic," "Lost Weekend"
Knuckles Kevin Michael Richardson "Rabble"
Lance Jack DeSena "Crash and Burn"
Lansky Carlos Alazraqui "Moonlighting"
Librarian Grey Griffin "Lions and Lambs"
Lieutenant Jason Marsden "Rabble"
Loud Speaker Rob Paulsen "Robo Bobo"
Male Partygoer Troy Baker "Lost Weekend"
Maxwell Wally Kurth "The Architect"
Mayor Esteban David Barrera "Night Falls"
Moss Yuri Lowenthal "Crash and Burn"
Mouse Kath Soucie "Lost Weekend"
Mr. Buchiner Tom Kenny "Without a Paddle"
News Reporter Grey Griffin "The Hunter"
No-Face Fred Tatasciore "The Forgotten," "Alliance"
Noah Nixon Fred Savage
Nyquist John DiMaggio "Promises, Promises"
Old Man Carlos Alazraqui "Moonlighting"
Older Providence Agent John DiMaggio "The Hunter"
One Frank Welker "Divide By Six"
Oso Maratelo Miguel Sandoval "Outpost"
Payson John DiMaggio "Breach"
Pete Volkov John DiMaggio "Gravity"
Peter Meechum Jeff Bennett "String Theory"
Pilot Khary Payton "The Forgotten"
Principal Roffburger Dee Bradley Baker "Without a Paddle"
Providence Agent Carlos Alazraqui "Divide By Six"
  Jeff Bennett "The Architect"
  John DiMaggio "The Day That Everything Changed," "Operation: Wingman," "Lions and Lambs"
  James Hong "Rabble"
  Christian Lanz "Hermanos"
  Freddy Rodriguez "Lions and Lambs"
Providence Agent Jackson Rob Paulsen "Robo Bobo"
Providence Deck Officer Troy Baker "Payback"
Providence Soldiers Troy Baker "Mixed Signals"
  John DiMaggio "Lions and Lambs"
  Freddy Rodriguez "Mixed Signals," "Lions and Lambs"
Providence Tech Fred Tatasciore "The Forgotten"
Providence Technician Rob Paulsen "Robo Bobo"
Quarry Mark Hamill "Rabble," "Hard Target," "Remote Control"
Rand Jack DeSena "Crash and Burn"
Rex Salazar Daryl Sabara
Reynaldo Carlos Alazraqui "Phantom of the Soap Opera"
Rhodes Grey Griffin "Gravity"
Robo-Bobo Haha John DiMaggio "Robo Bobo," "Back in Black"
Rock and Mud Evo / Woman Grey Griffin "Breach"
Rombauer Phil LaMarr "Moonlighting"
Scientists Mark Hamill "Hard Target"
  Jason Marsden "Hard Target"
Security Guard Nolan North "A Family Holiday"
Septimus Severus Corey Burton "A Brief History of Time"
Sit-Ops Tech Fred Savage "Lockdown"
Skalamander John DiMaggio
Skwydd Jason Marsden "Rabble," "Lost Weekend," "Hard Target," "Remote Control"
Slug E.V.O. / Little Girl Grey Griffin "Breach"
Spanish Boy Grey Griffin "String Theory"
Stork E.V.O. Dee Bradley Baker "Lockdown"
Surge Matthew Lillard "Waste Land"
Systems Op Wally Kurth "The Architect"
TV Reporter Grey Griffin "The Day That Everything Changed," "String Theory," "Promises, Promises"
Team Leader Fred Savage "The Hunter"
Terrified Student Dee Bradley Baker "Without a Paddle"
Trey Jim Cummings "Divide By Six," "Six Minus Six"
Trig Students Grey Griffin "Without a Paddle"
  James Arnold Taylor "Without a Paddle"
Tripp Kevin Michael Richardson "Rabble"
Tuck Dante Basco "Rabble," "Hard Target," "Remote Control"
Two-Headed E.V.O. (Left Head) John DiMaggio "Without a Paddle"
Two-Headed E.V.O. (Right Head) Dee Bradley Baker "Without a Paddle"
Umpire John DiMaggio "Without a Paddle"
Uniformed Providence Agent Carlos Alazraqui "Moonlighting"
United Nations Official Troy Baker "Leader of the Pack"
Valentina Maria Canals Barrera "Outpost"
Valve Maurice LaMarche "Crash and Burn"
Van Kleiss Troy Baker
Vendor James Hong "Rabble"
Video Kid James Arnold Taylor "Without a Paddle"
Waiter John DiMaggio "Beyond the Sea"
  J.K. Simmons "Operation: Wingman"
Waitress Grey Griffin "Outpost"
  Hynden Walch "Hard Target"
Waylan Fred Savage "Beyond the Sea"
Weaver Troy Baker "Frostbite"
White Fighter Daryl Sabara "Divide By Six"
White Knight J.K. Simmons
ZAG-RS Grey Griffin
(additional voices) Carlos Alazraqui "Phantom of the Soap Opera"
  Lacey Chabert "Double Vision"
  John DiMaggio
  Grey Griffin "Phantom of the Soap Opera," "Riddle of the Sphinx," "Double Vision"
  Jennifer Hale "Double Vision," "Assault on Abysus"
  Mark Hamill "Remote Control"
  Bob Joles "Riddle of the Sphinx"
  Tom Kenny "Deadzone"
  Yuri Lowenthal "Crash and Burn"
  Jason Marsden "Remote Control"
  Nolan North "Back in Black"
  Rob Paulsen "Riddle of the Sphinx"
  Vyvan Pham "Remote Control"
  Keith Szarabajka "Deadzone"

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