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G.I. Joe: Renegades
G.I. Joe: Renegades

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 26 November 2010 - 23 July 2011
Voice Director: Ginny McSwain

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Airtight Troy Baker
Arata Keone Young "Return of the Arashikage" Pt. 1
Barbecue Jerry O'Connell
Baroness Tatyana Yassukovich
Breaker Greg Ellis
Buzzer Charlie Adler
Captain Carlos Alazraqui "Shipwrecked"
Cobra Commander Charlie Adler
Cobra Guard Carlos Alazraqui "Shipwrecked"
  Michael Bell "Homecoming" Pt. 1
  Matthew Yang King "Shipwrecked"
Cobra Ops Supervisor Greg Ellis "The Package"
Cobra Pilot Matthew Yang King "Homecoming" Pt. 2
Cobra Troopers Charlie Adler "The Descent" Pt. 1
  Matthew Yang King "The Descent" Pt. 1
  Jason Marsden "The Descent" Pt. 1
Commentator Kevin Michael Richardson "The Anomaly"
Computer Voice Kevin Michael Richardson
Connie Hauser B.J. Ward "Homecoming" Pt. 1
Convict #1 Keith Szarabajka "Busted"
Cop #1 Travis Willingham "Busted"
Country Clerk Matthew Yang King "Busted"
Crippled Convict Corey Burton "Busted"
Crowd Member #1 Kevin Michael Richardson "Fire Fight"
Custodian Andrew Kishino "Cutting Edge"
Delivery Man Michael Bell "Homecoming" Pt. 1
Destro Clancy Brown
Doc Phil LaMarr
Dr. Mindbender Charlie Schlatter
Dr. Sharma Greg Ellis "The Enemy of My Enemy"
Dr. Venom Michael Emerson
Duke Jason Marsden
Elena Schnurr Alejandra Reynoso
Female Reporter Nika Futterman "The Descent" Pt. 1
Firefly Peter MacNicol
Flint Johnny Messner
Franz Kevin Michael Richardson "Brothers of Light"
Frostbite Andrew Kishino "White Out"
Gate Guard Travis Willingham "Busted"
General Abernathy Lee Majors
German CEO Liam O'Brien "Union of the Snake"
Grandma Hinton Ja'Net DuBois "Cousins"
Granger Corey Burton "Busted"
Guard Charlie Adler "Prodigal"
  Khary Payton "Prodigal"
  Charlie Schlatter "Union of the Snake"
Hard Master Keone Young "Return of the Arashikage"
Heavy Duty Keith Ferguson
Intel Agent Jason Marsden "Busted"
Intercom Voice Nika Futterman "Rage"
Inventor Brian Bloom "Knockoffs"
Jinx Kim Mai Guest
Lady Jaye Nika Futterman
Law Corey Burton
Lead Cobra Trooper Andrew Kishino "Cutting Edge"
  Khary Payton "The Descent" Pt. 1
Lift-Ticket Charlie Schlatter
MP-2 Matthew Yang King "Homecoming" Pt. 2
Major Bludd Andre Sogliuzzo
Major Hildago Kevin Michael Richardson "The Descent" Pt. 1
Matty James Arnold Taylor "Dreadnoks Rising"
Max Hauser Michael Bell "Homecoming" Pt. 1
Mayor Lockridge Fred Willard "Fire Fight"
Mechanic Kevin Michael Richardson "Busted"
Mitchell Jason Marsden "The Descent" Pt. 2
Monkeywrench Charlie Adler
Moon Kevin Michael Richardson "Shipwrecked"
Narrator David Kaye
News Anchor Kevin Michael Richardson "The Enemy of My Enemy"
News Reporter Jim Meskimen "The Descent" Pt. 2
Norton Jim Meskimen "The Descent" Pt. 2
Operations Tech Matthew Yang King "Going Underground"
P.A. Voice Keith Szarabajka "Busted"
Pilot Matthew Yang King "The Anaconda Strain"
Preacher Davis Kevin Michael Richardson "Cousins"
Prison Guard #1 Jason Marsden "Busted"
Ray Jessie Usher "The Anomaly"
Receptionist Tatyana Yassukovich "The Descent" Pt. 1
Red Star Liam O'Brien
Reggie Sterling Ardrey "The Anomaly"
Ripcord Khary Payton
Ripper Jason Marsden
Road Pig Kevin Michael Richardson
Roadblock Kevin Michael Richardson
Russell Clemens James Arnold Taylor "Dreadnoks Rising"
SWAT MP Jim Meskimen "The Descent" Pt. 2
Sailor Kevin Michael Richardson "Shipwrecked"
Scarlett Natalia Cigliuti
Scrap-Iron Phil LaMarr
Security Chief Charlie Schlatter "The Descent" Pt. 1
Sheriff Terry James Arnold Taylor "Dreadnoks Rising"
Sheriff's Clerk Nika Futterman "Busted"
Shipwreck Carlos Alazraqui
Sister Leia Danica McKellar "Brothers of Light"
Snake Eyes Danny Cooksey "Return of the Arashikage"
Snow Job Nolan North
Stalker Andrew Kishino
Steeler Eddie Mata
Store Manager Andre Sogliuzzo "The Package"
Storm Shadow Andrew Kishino
Sully Travis Willingham "Busted"
Swami Vipra Charlie Adler "Brothers of Light"
Technician Matthew Yang King "Busted"
Teddy Lee Daniel Dae Kim "The Anomaly"
Tomax Stephen Stanton
Torch Matthew Yang King
Tripwire Andrew Kishino
Truman Clancy Brown "Rage"
Tunnel Rat Matthew Yang King
Vince Hauser Scott Menville "Homecoming" Pt. 1
Warden Keith Szarabajka "Busted"
Wendy Jennifer Hale "Dreadnoks Rising"
Whistleblower Clancy Brown "The Enemy of My Enemy"
Wild Bill Charlie Schlatter
Woman Danica McKellar "Brothers of Light"
Xamot Stephen Stanton
Zartan Brian Bloom

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