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Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 06 September 2010

Based on the "MAD Magazines."

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner Hugh Davidson (Episode 34)
Aaron Giblet Dana Snyder (Episode 70)
Abed Nadir Keith Ferguson (Episode 93)
Abin Sur Keith Ferguson (Episode 27)
Abraham Lincoln Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 57)
Actless Evergreen Rachel Ramras (Episode 102)
Adam Savage Dan Milano (Episode 56)
Adhesive Ape Announcer Fred Tatasciore (Episode 37)
Admiral Ackbar Hugh Davidson (Episode 44)
Admiral Alexander Marcus Stephen Stanton (Episode 94)
Admiral Shane Fred Tatasciore (Episode 55)
Adriana Tate-Duncan Rachel Ramras (Episode 19)
Adrien Brody Keith Ferguson (Episode 101)
Agent J Stephen Stanton (Episodes 62, 71)
Agent K Jim Meskimen (Episode 62)
Ahsoka Tano Rachel Ramras (Episode 2)
Al John DiMaggio (Episode 59)
Al Gore Stephen Stanton (Episode 42)
Al Pacino Ralph Garman (Episode 46)
Al Roker Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 6)
Al's Wife Rachel Ramras (Episode 59)
Alan Chris Cox (Episode 24)
  Mikey Day (Episode 16)
Alan Harper Mikey Day (Episode 17)
Alan the Mailman Larry Dorf (Episode 14)
Albert Narracott Larry Dorf (Episode 45)
Alec Baldwin Hugh Davidson (Episode 14)
Alex Chris Cox (Episode 65)
Alex Russo Rachel Ramras (Episode 50)
Alfred E. Neuman for President Announcer Chris Cox (Episodes 54, 55)
Alfred Pennyworth Hugh Davidson (Episode 6)
Alice Cullen Clare Grant (Episode 23)
Alice Dainard Rachel Ramras (Episode 28)
Alien Hugh Davidson (Episode 55)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 53)
Alien Shark Week Announcer Larry Dorf (Episode 57)
Alligator Grey Griffin (Episode 11)
Altidude Kevin Shinick (Episode 12)
Alvin Seville Kevin Shinick (Episode 46)
Alyson Gator Catherine Taber (Episode 90)
Anakin Skywalker Larry Dorf (Episode 2)
  Keith Ferguson (Episode 49)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 54)
Anchor Hugh Davidson (Episode 64)
Anchorman Jim Meskimen (Episode 73)
Anchorwoman Eden Espinosa (Episode 26)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 18)
And That's How Science Works! Announcer Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 57)
Andre Jason Marsden (Episode 44)
Andy Bernard Kevin Shinick (Episode 25)
Andy Dwyer Hugh Davidson (Episode 55)
Andy McNally Tara Strong (Episode 42)
Andy Samberg Keith Ferguson (Episode 44)
Angela Martin Rachel Ramras (Episode 25)
Angelica Teach Clare Grant (Episode 30)
Angelica Teach (young) Rachel Ramras (Episode 30)
Angelina Jolie Grey Griffin (Episodes 8, 14)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 47)
Angry Squirrel Arif S. Kinchen (Episode 69)
Annabel Moore Alanna Ubach (Episode 83)
Annie Watson Tara Strong (Episodes 46, 48)
Announcer Chris Cox
  Brian T. Delaney (Episode 68)
  John DiMaggio (Episode 59)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 63)
  Keith Ferguson (Episodes 56, 66)
  Beth Littleford (Episode 69)
  Jim Meskimen (Episode 60)
  Dan Milano (Episode 56)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 70)
  Kevin Shinick
  Dana Snyder (Episode 70)
  Stephen Stanton (Episodes 57, 62, 68, 71)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episodes 60, 61, 64, 70)
  Gary Anthony Williams (Episodes 70, 96)
Answers To Your Homework Announcer Jason Marsden (Episode 60)
Ant Keith Ferguson (Episode 73)
Ant-Man / Hank Pym Nolan North (Episode 77)
Antelope Tara Strong (Episode 56)
Applejack Rachel Ramras (Episodes 32, 45)
April Ludgate Rachel Ramras (Episode 55)
Aqualad / Kaldur'ahm Kevin Shinick (Episode 45)
Aquaman / Arthur Curry John DiMaggio (Episode 59)
ArThor Kevin Shinick (Episode 24)
Argonaut Larry Dorf (Episode 39)
Ariel Grey Griffin (Episodes 64, 88)
  Rachel Ramras (Episodes 13, 31)
Ariel Moore Tara Strong (Episode 36)
Art Brian T. Delaney (Episode 93)
Arte Howe Larry Dorf (Episode 38)
Ash Ketchum Mikey Day (Episodes 42, 80)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 14)
Ashlyn Tara Strong (Episode 40)
Ashlyn's Dad Jim Meskimen (Episode 40)
Ashton Kutcher Kevin Shinick (Episode 24)
Astrology Announcer Rachel Ramras (Episode 77)
Astronaut Fish Dana Snyder (Episode 30)
Astronaut Professor Hugh Davidson (Episode 58)
Attorney with a Booger Billy Dee Williams (Episode 50)
Attorney with a Booger Announcer Keith Ferguson (Episode 50)
Audience Member Jim Meskimen (Episode 54)
Audience Member #1 Brian T. Delaney (Episode 81)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 70)
Audience Member #2 Anthony Hansen (Episode 81)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 70)
Aunt Maria Grey Griffin (Episode 70)
Automobile Correct Announcer Chris Cox (Episode 90)
Aya Rachel Ramras (Episode 96)
B.A. Barracus Kevin Shinick (Episode 16)
B.C. Hugh Davidson (Episode 48)
Baby Carrot Rachel Ramras (Episode 35)
Baby Carrot's Dad Larry Dorf (Episode 35)
Backpack Kevin Shinick (Episodes 8, 18, 99)
Bad Idea Announcer Hugh Davidson (Episode 55)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 46)
  Dana Snyder (Episode 11)
  Gary Anthony Williams (Episodes 42, 70)
Badly-Dubbed Voice Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 54)
Bakin' Announcer Chris Cox (Episode 78)
Bald Eagle Kevin Shinick (Episode 83)
  Dana Snyder (Episode 83)
Balloon Rachel Ramras (Episode 80)
Balthazar Blake Keith Ferguson (Episode 50)
Bane Kevin Shinick (Episode 80)
Bank Robber Mikey Day (Episode 55)
Bar Thug Dana Snyder (Episode 4)
Baroness Rachel Ramras (Episode 65)
Barry Kirschbaum Larry Dorf (Episode 38)
Barry-Banshee Rachel Ramras (Episode 15)
Bart Simpson Rachel Butera (Episode 101)
Basketball Announcer Frank Welker (Episode 48)
Batgirl / Barbara Gordon Rachel Ramras (Episode 6)
Batman / Bruce Wayne Diedrich Bader (Episode 6)
  Chris Cox (Episode 30)
  Hugh Davidson (Episodes 8, 80)
  Eric Lopez (Episode 94)
  Kevin Shinick
Bear Grylls Hugh Davidson (Episode 59)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 8)
Beast / Hank McCoy Larry Dorf (Episode 25)
Beast Boy / Garfield Logan Keith Ferguson (Episode 45)
Beatbox Baggins Biz Markie (Episode 73)
Beautician Grey Griffin (Episode 61)
Beauty Bear Tara Strong (Episode 79)
Beaver Hugh Davidson (Episode 42)
Bee Hugh Davidson (Episode 31)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 20)
Beith Hugh Davidson (Episode 56)
Bella Swan Grey Griffin (Episode 71)
  Rachel Ramras (Episodes 7, 23, 24, 42)
Belle Rosen Tara Strong (Episodes 60, 75)
Ben Bailey Chris Cox (Episode 61)
Ben Gates Stephen Stanton (Episode 12)
Ben Tennyson Kevin Shinick (Episode 32)
Ben Walker Keith Ferguson (Episode 12)
Ben Wyatt Kevin Shinick (Episode 55)
Benedict Arnold Jim Meskimen (Episodes 78, 90)
Benjamin Franklin Kevin Shinick (Episodes 78, 90)
  Dana Snyder (Episode 9)
Benjamin Mee Larry Dorf (Episode 43)
Benson Dan Milano (Episode 74)
Bert Kevin Shinick (Episode 81)
  Dana Snyder (Episode 91)
Bertram Kevin Shinick (Episode 5)
Beru Lars Clare Grant (Episode 44)
Beth Smith Rachel Ramras (Episode 6)
Betilla Rachel Ramras (Episode 49)
Betty Lou Who Rachel Ramras (Episode 12)
Betty White Shirley Mitchell (Episode 56)
Beyoncé Knowles Grey Griffin (Episodes 15, 24)
Biff Tannen Larry Dorf (Episode 62)
Big Bird Ben Diskin (Episode 27)
  Anthony Hansen (Episode 81)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 7)
  Frank Welker (Episode 91)
Big Schmo Dana Snyder (Episode 14)
Bil Will Friedle (Episode 57)
Bilbo Baggins Keith Ferguson (Episodes 73, 79)
Bill Kevin Shinick (Episode 46)
Bill Nye Kevin Shinick (Episode 75)
Billy Larry Dorf (Episode 57)
Billy Beane Jim Meskimen (Episode 38)
Bird Scientist Stan Lee (Episode 83)
Black Canary / Dinah Laurel Lance Tara Strong (Episode 46)
Black Lightning / Jefferson Pierce Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 46)
Black Widow / Natasha Romanoff Grey Griffin (Episode 61)
  Rachel Ramras (Episodes 58, 67)
Blackbeard Hugh Davidson (Episode 30)
Blackbeard (young) Mikey Day (Episode 30)
Blanka Hugh Davidson (Episode 9)
Blogger Hugh Davidson (Episode 24)
Blossom Meredith Salenger (Episode 43)
Blu Kevin Shinick (Episode 27)
Blue Beetle / Jaime Reyes Keith Ferguson (Episode 45)
  Grey Griffin (Episode 101)
Blue Beetle / Ted Kord Keith Ferguson (Episode 46)
Board Member Hugh Davidson (Episode 44)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 44)
Bob Kevin Shinick (Episode 80)
Bob the Builder Larry Dorf (Episodes 11, 29)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 21)
Boba Fett Kevin Shinick (Episode 49)
Bobo Kevin Shinick (Episode 48)
Body of Pwoof Announcer Stephen Stanton (Episode 65)
Bolin Will Friedle (Episode 61)
Bono Chris Cox (Episode 22)
Boo-Boo Bear Chris Cox (Episode 76)
Book Kevin Shinick (Episodes 74, 77)
Boots Grey Griffin (Episode 99)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 37)
Bounced Announcer Victor Yerrid (Episode 66)
Bowser Hugh Davidson (Episode 16)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 63)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episodes 49, 54)
Boy Mikey Day (Episode 4)
  Brian T. Delaney (Episodes 20, 68)
  Dan Milano (Episodes 18, 33)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 54)
  Kevin Shinick
Boy in Class Kevin Shinick (Episode 24)
Boy on Slide Rachel Ramras (Episode 82)
Boy with Glasses Tara Strong (Episode 46)
Boy with Launchbox Kevin Shinick (Episode 46)
Boy with Scissors Tara Strong (Episode 48)
Brad Pitt Chris Cox (Episodes 47, 62)
Brainiac Nolan North (Episode 22)
Brainy Smurf Jim Meskimen (Episode 33)
British Soldier Mikey Day (Episode 9)
Britney Spears Rachel Ramras (Episode 82)
Brobee Larry Dorf (Episode 15)
Brothers Larry Dorf (Episode 2)
Bruce Banner Kevin Shinick (Episodes 28, 61)
Bruce Brazos Fred Tatasciore (Episode 33)
Bruce Willis Larry Dorf (Episode 33)
Bruno Mars Kevin Shinick (Episode 54)
Bruno Tonioli Kevin Shinick (Episode 36)
Bryce Larkin Kevin Shinick (Episode 12)
Bubbles Tara Strong (Episode 43)
Buck Dana Snyder (Episode 23)
Bucky Hugh Davidson (Episode 40)
Buffy Summers Tara Strong (Episode 42)
Bug Hugh Davidson (Episode 50)
Bugs Bunny Kevin Shinick (Episode 19)
Bulbasaur Rachel Ramras (Episode 42)
Bully Hugh Davidson (Episode 47)
Bulma Rachel Ramras (Episode 38)
Bungee Bunk Announcer Keith Ferguson (Episode 89)
Burglar Kevin Shinick (Episode 54)
Burt Chance Hugh Davidson (Episode 53)
Burton "Gus" Guster Keith Ferguson (Episode 87)
Buttercup Rachel Ramras (Episode 43)
Buzz Aldrin Hugh Davidson (Episode 48)
Buzz Lightyear Stephen Stanton (Episodes 17, 32, 41, 65)
C-3PO Kevin Shinick (Episodes 47, 56)
CDA Agent Hugh Davidson (Episode 80)
Cab Driver Hugh Davidson (Episode 9)
Cad Bane Hugh Davidson (Episode 2)
Caesar Chris Cox (Episode 37)
Caesar Flickerman Jim Meskimen (Episode 60)
Calendon Hockley Larry Dorf (Episode 55)
Camera Man Hugh Davidson (Episode 19)
Cameraman Dana Snyder (Episode 76)
Cameron Tucker Hugh Davidson (Episode 57)
Cameron Winklevoss Nolan North (Episode 22)
Campaign Promises Announcer Grey Griffin (Episode 60)
Canadian Therapist Stephen Stanton (Episode 62)
Candace Flynn Clare Grant (Episode 44)
Candy Clerk Keone Young (Episode 101)
Candy Hearts You Don't Wanna Get Announcer Dana Snyder (Episode 14)
Captain America / Steve Rogers Mikey Day (Episode 24)
  Keith Ferguson (Episodes 29, 67)
  Will Friedle (Episodes 40, 61)
  Seth Green (Episode 23)
  Nolan North (Episode 28)
Captain Cold / Leonard Snart Hugh Davidson (Episode 45)
Captain Correlli Kevin Shinick (Episode 46)
Captain George Stacy Chris Cox (Episode 66)
Captain Hook Hugh Davidson (Episode 6)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 78)
Captain Jack Sparrow Kevin Shinick (Episodes 6, 30)
Captain James T. Kirk Chris Cox (Episode 84)
  Mikey Day (Episode 4)
  Nolan North (Episode 94)
  Jason Palmer (Episode 87)
Captain Jean-Luc Picard Jim Meskimen (Episode 84)
Captain Marvel Hugh Davidson (Episode 8)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 31)
Captain Nicholls Jim Meskimen (Episode 45)
Captain Zero Hugh Davidson (Episode 4)
Carl Fredricksen Hugh Davidson (Episode 3)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 11)
Carlos Garcia Eric Artell (Episode 89)
Carlton Banks Brian T. Delaney (Episode 18)
Carly Shay Rachel Ramras (Episodes 1, 7, 16)
  Tara Strong (Episode 68)
Carmen Cortez Tara Strong (Episode 39)
Carol Dana Snyder (Episode 31)
Carson Daly Chris Cox (Episode 88)
Carter Kevin Shinick (Episode 103)
Cary Kevin Shinick (Episode 28)
Casino Guard Billy Dee Williams (Episode 50)
Casper Rachel Ramras (Episode 67)
Cat Alanna Ubach (Episode 83)
Cat Deeley Grey Griffin (Episode 15)
Cat Valentine Kevin Shinick (Episode 98)
Cat in the Hat Seth Green (Episode 76)
Caterpillar Rachel Ramras (Episode 31)
Catwoman / Selina Kyle Grey Griffin (Episode 39)
Cauliflower Frank Welker (Episode 73)
Caveman Hugh Davidson (Episode 64)
  Dana Snyder (Episode 103)
Caveman #1 Brian T. Delaney (Episode 86)
Cavewoman Debra Wilson (Episode 103)
Cecil Wilson Mikey Day (Episode 39)
Celebrities Without Their Ape-Up Announcer Dana Snyder (Episode 37)
Celebrities Without Their Makeup Announcer Diedrich Bader (Episode 6)
  Dana Snyder (Episodes 16, 31)
Celebrity Mask Announcer Jason Marsden (Episode 28)
Celebrity Superpowers Announcer Fred Tatasciore (Episode 36)
Ch'p Kevin Shinick (Episode 96)
Chancellor Palpatine Kevin Shinick (Episode 2)
Charles Kaznyk Brian T. Delaney (Episode 28)
  Nolan North (Episode 28)
Charles Rodman Kevin Shinick (Episode 37)
Charlie Eric Artell (Episode 74)
Charlie Brown Grey Griffin (Episode 67)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 58)
Charlie Harper Kevin Shinick (Episode 17)
Charlie Kenton Nolan North (Episode 47)
Charlie Sheen Kevin Shinick (Episode 41)
Charlie-in-the-Box Kevin Shinick (Episode 41)
Cheater's Week on The Price is Right! Announcer Larry Dorf (Episode 58)
Cheer Bear Rachel Ramras (Episode 38)
Cheezburger Cat Jason Marsden (Episode 32)
Chicken Fred Tatasciore (Episode 64)
Chicken Leg Tara Strong (Episode 55)
Chief Brody Peter Renaday (Episode 87)
Chloe Sullivan Rachel Ramras (Episode 22)
Cho Chang Grey Griffin (Episode 60)
Chris Griffin Kevin Shinick (Episode 37)
Chris Traeger Chris Cox (Episode 55)
Christina Aguilera Rachel Ramras (Episode 17)
Christmas Dad Frank Welker (Episode 73)
Christmas Daughter Rachel Ramras (Episode 73)
Christmas Eve Son Rachel Ramras (Episode 72)
Christmas Son Kevin Shinick (Episode 73)
Christopher Coolumbus Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 33)
Christopher Robin Grey Griffin (Episodes 21, 67)
Chunky Mouthwash Announcer Nolan North (Episode 77)
Circus Announcer Fred Tatasciore (Episode 21)
Citizen Keith Ferguson (Episode 79)
Civil War General Jim Meskimen (Episode 54)
Claire Dunphy Rachel Ramras (Episode 57)
Clark Kent Larry Dorf (Episode 68)
Claudius Templesmith Kevin Shinick (Episode 60)
Claudus Gregg Berger (Episode 32)
Cleo Bernstein Rachel Ramras (Episode 79)
Clown Larry Dorf (Episode 21)
Clown Father Larry Dorf (Episode 44)
Clown Mother Rachel Ramras (Episode 44)
Clown Son Kevin Shinick (Episode 44)
Clu Hugh Davidson (Episode 21)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episode 31)
Club Moon Announcer Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 17)
Cobra Commander Kevin Shinick (Episode 21)
Cody Martin Jason Marsden (Episode 60)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 7)
Colleen Goodwin Rachel Ramras (Episode 26)
Colonel Hyrum Graff Keith Ferguson (Episode 103)
Colonel Miles Quaritch Hugh Davidson (Episode 1)
Colter Stevens Chris Cox (Episode 26)
Commercial Boy Jason Marsden (Episode 5)
Commercial Girl Rachel Ramras (Episode 5)
Commissioner James Gordon Stephen Stanton (Episode 68)
Conan Chris Cox (Episode 30)
Construction Worker Hugh Davidson (Episode 48)
  Dan Milano (Episode 74)
Cookie Monster Gary Anthony Williams
Cop Chef Hugh Davidson (Episode 82)
Cop Chef Announcer James Barbour (Episode 82)
Cora Crawley Rachel Ramras (Episode 91)
Cora Raikes Rachel Ramras (Episode 55)
Cosmo Dana Snyder (Episode 68)
Costumed Boy Rico Rodriguez (Episode 67)
Count Dooku Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 2)
Count Dracula Kevin Shinick (Episodes 91, 99)
Cow Tara Strong (Episode 64)
Cowboy Hugh Davidson (Episode 32)
Crash Gilbert Gottfried (Episode 79)
Crash Announcer Chris Cox (Episode 93)
Crash Bandicoot Kevin Shinick (Episode 54)
Crasher Dana Snyder (Episode 41)
Crawford Whittemore Fred Tatasciore (Episode 102)
Creeper Kevin Shinick (Episode 32)
Crewman Hugh Davidson (Episode 56)
Cruella de Vil Julia McIlvaine "2012 Dalmatians"
Crystal Grey Griffin (Episode 12)
Curious George Kevin Shinick (Episode 17)
Curseus Kevin Shinick (Episode 10)
Customer Hugh Davidson (Episode 38)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episode 43)
Cyborg / Victor Stone Hugh Davidson (Episode 44)
  Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 45)
Cyclops / Scott Summers Hugh Davidson (Episode 8)
  Keith Ferguson (Episode 103)
  Ben Schwartz (Episode 25)
Cypher Raige Stephen Stanton (Episodes 91, 94, 101)
Cyrus Lupo Larry Dorf (Episode 20)
DJ Lance Rock Kevin Shinick (Episode 15)
DVR2D2 Announcer Tom Kane (Episode 44)
Dad Hugh Davidson (Episodes 2, 20)
  Dan Milano (Episode 48)
  Dana Snyder (Episode 103)
Dad as a Kid Rachel Ramras (Episode 41)
Dad's Father Larry Dorf (Episode 41)
Dad's Mother Rachel Ramras (Episode 41)
Daffy Duck Jeff Bergman (Episode 90)
Daisy Buchanan Rachel Ramras (Episode 89)
Dale "Barbie" Barbera Chris Cox (Episode 101)
Dalek Kevin Shinick (Episode 92)
Danger D'Amo Jim Meskimen (Episode 39)
Daniel Radcliffe Jim Meskimen (Episode 54)
Daphne Blake Grey Griffin (Episode 91)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 35)
Darkseid Nolan North (Episode 22)
Darth Vader Kevin Shinick (Episode 49)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episode 78)
Dasher Kevin Shinick (Episode 41)
Daughter Rachel Ramras (Episodes 56, 69, 76, 79)
Dave Seville Keith Ferguson (Episode 46)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 24)
David Blaine Kevin Shinick (Episode 50)
David Hasselhoff Larry Dorf (Episode 19)
David Rossi Stephen Stanton (Episode 34)
David Sachs Jim Meskimen (Episode 102)
Deads Announcer Chris Cox (Episode 102)
Dean Cain Chris Cox (Episode 78)
Dean Winchester Kevin Shinick (Episode 40)
Dee Dee Tara Strong (Episode 64)
Dejah Thoris Tara Strong (Episode 54)
Deltoids Announcer Chris Cox (Episode 65)
Deltoids Scientist Arif S. Kinchen (Episode 65)
Demi Lovato Clare Grant (Episode 82)
  Grey Griffin (Episodes 7, 23)
  Tara Strong (Episode 68)
Dennis Mitchell Rachel Ramras (Episode 48)
Deputy Linda Esquivel Rachel Ramras (Episode 101)
Derek Morgan Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 34)
Destin Pfaff Mikey Day (Episode 39)
  Jim Meskimen (Episode 39)
Dewey Kevin Shinick (Episode 13)
Dexter Grey Griffin (Episode 64)
Did Anybody Get Mom a Card? Announcer Fred Tatasciore (Episode 76)
Diego Tara Strong (Episode 66)
Dinosaur Mikey Day (Episode 52)
Director Jim Meskimen (Episode 42)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 8)
  Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 59)
Dirk Swagger Hugh Davidson (Episode 14)
Disposable Car Announcer Brian T. Delaney (Episode 93)
Doc Kevin Shinick (Episode 13)
  Stephen Stanton (Episode 101)
Doctor Mikey Day (Episode 59)
  Arif S. Kinchen (Episode 69)
  Nolan North (Episode 69)
  Kevin Shinick (Episodes 62, 74)
  Dana Snyder (Episode 30)
Doctor Doom / Victor von Doom Hugh Davidson (Episode 9)
  Kevin Shinick (Episodes 44, 71)
Doctor Fate / Kent Nelson Chris Cox (Episode 22)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 46)
Doctor Mid-Nite / Charles McNider Kevin Shinick (Episode 46)
Dodee Weaver Rachel Butera (Episode 101)
Dog Hugh Davidson (Episode 45)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 45)
  Arif S. Kinchen (Episode 88)
  Dan Milano (Episode 86)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 45)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 14)
Dogs Shouldn't Drive Announcer Brian T. Delaney (Episode 86)
Dolly Rachel Ramras (Episode 57)
Dolly for Sue Grey Griffin (Episode 41)
Dominic Toretto Stephen Stanton (Episode 31)
Domonic Toretto Fred Tatasciore (Episode 95)
Donald Chimp Jim Meskimen (Episode 37)
Donald Duck Steve Blum (Episode 90)
Donatello Larry Dorf (Episode 18)
  Frank Welker (Episode 48)
Donkey Kevin Shinick (Episodes 15, 20, 47, 65)
Donkey Kong Fred Tatasciore (Episodes 37, 63)
Dora the Explorer Rachel Ramras
Doris Rachel Ramras (Episode 48)
Dory Rachel Ramras (Episode 64)
Doug Jason Marsden (Episode 45)
Dov Epstein Kevin Shinick (Episode 42)
Dr. Adrian Helmsley Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 3)
Dr. Alex Karev Kevin Shinick (Episode 3)
Dr. Allison Cameron Grey Griffin (Episode 11)
Dr. Callie Torres Rachel Ramras (Episode 3)
Dr. Derek Shepherd Hugh Davidson (Episode 3)
Dr. Emmett Brown Kevin Shinick (Episode 62)
Dr. Eric Foreman Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 11)
Dr. Gerald Dreyfuss Keith Ferguson (Episode 83)
Dr. Grace Augustine Rachel Ramras (Episode 1)
Dr. James Wilson Mikey Day (Episode 11)
Dr. John H. Watson Larry Dorf (Episode 18)
Dr. Leonard McCoy Kevin Shinick (Episode 84)
Dr. Lexie Grey Rachel Ramras (Episode 3)
Dr. Meredith Grey Grey Griffin (Episode 88)
  Tara Strong (Episode 3)
Dr. Miranda Bailey Rachel Ramras (Episode 88)
Dr. Owen Hunt Diedrich Bader (Episode 3)
Dr. Robert Hexenblatt Jim Meskimen (Episode 33)
Dr. Seuss Chris Cox (Episode 76)
Dr. Shearing Grey Griffin (Episode 70)
Dragon Hugh Davidson (Episode 74)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 15)
Drake Arif S. Kinchen (Episode 62)
Dre Parker Kevin Shinick (Episode 18)
Drew Barrymore Rachel Ramras (Episode 48)
Droopy Jim Meskimen (Episode 71)
Duane Chapman Larry Dorf (Episode 6)
Duck Thomas F. Wilson (Episode 85)
Ducky Rachel Ramras (Episode 65)
Duke Chris Cox (Episodes 21, 84)
Dwarf Kevin Shinick (Episode 73)
  Dana Snyder (Episode 73)
Dwight Schrute Kevin Shinick (Episode 25)
E.B. Mikey Day (Episode 19)
E.T. Kevin Shinick (Episodes 18, 92)
Easter Bunny Hugh Davidson (Episode 50)
Eat-Ohs Announcer Kevin Shinick (Episode 46)
Eat-Ohs Boy Jason Marsden (Episode 46)
Eat-Ohs Girl Rachel Ramras (Episode 46)
Eat-Ohs Mom Tara Strong
Ebenezer Scrooge Kevin Shinick (Episode 72)
Edmund Pevensie Kevin Shinick (Episode 13)
Edna Rachel Ramras (Episodes 48, 56)
Eduardo Saverin Chris Cox (Episode 22)
Eduardo Saverin's Grandfather Hugh Davidson (Episode 22)
Edward Cullen Chris Cox (Episode 24)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 10)
  Keith Ferguson (Episodes 23, 75)
  Jason Marsden (Episode 7)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 42)
Edward Norton Jim Meskimen (Episode 70)
Eeyore Kevin Shinick (Episodes 21, 31, 63, 67)
Effie Trinket Tara Strong (Episodes 60, 102)
Eggplant Chris Cox (Episode 35)
Egyptian Hugh Davidson (Episode 59)
Electric Eel Dan Milano (Episode 68)
Elephant Dana Snyder (Episode 47)
Elf Grey Griffin (Episode 72)
  Biz Markie (Episode 73)
Eli Sachs Kevin Shinick (Episode 102)
Ella Swenson Rachel Ramras (Episode 32)
Elmer Fudd Kevin Shinick (Episode 65)
Elmo Rachel Ramras (Episode 7)
Elmont Jim Meskimen (Episode 88)
Elongated Man / Ralph Dibny Ralph Garman (Episode 46)
Eminem Kevin Shinick (Episode 89)
Ensign Pavel Chekov Dan Milano (Episode 87)
Erik Selvig Stephen Stanton (Episode 61)
Erin Silver Grey Griffin (Episode 19)
Ernie Kevin Shinick (Episode 91)
  Victor Yerrid (Episode 81)
Erwin Sikowitz Hugh Davidson (Episode 44)
Eve Torres Tara Strong (Episode 78)
Evel Medieval Hugh Davidson (Episode 27)
Evil Medieval Kevin Shinick (Episode 50)
Evil Medieval Announcer Hugh Davidson (Episode 50)
Exterminator Hugh Davidson (Episode 49)
Ezekiel "Zeke" Falcone Jason Marsden (Episode 10)
Fabricio Kevin Shinick (Episode 3)
Farmer Larry Dorf (Episode 17)
  Jim Meskimen (Episode 34)
Fart or Chair Host Will Friedle (Episode 57)
Farto Tuner Announcer Tom Kane (Episode 21)
Fat Man Fred Tatasciore (Episode 72)
Father Gilbert Gottfried (Episode 79)
  Dana Snyder (Episode 70)
Feline Manning Larry Dorf (Episode 20)
Female Announcer Rachel Ramras (Episode 71)
Female Banana Tara Strong (Episode 69)
Female Bear Rachel Ramras (Episode 46)
Female Capricorn Rachel Ramras (Episode 77)
Female Ghost Rachel Ramras (Episode 38)
Female Snake Rachel Ramras (Episode 22)
Ferb Fletcher Kevin Shinick (Episodes 16, 44)
Finch Jim Meskimen (Episode 62)
Finn Eric Artell (Episode 83)
  Chris Cox (Episode 47)
  Rachel Ramras (Episodes 23, 74)
Fire-Bending Thug Fred Tatasciore (Episode 61)
Firefighters Announcer Rachel Ramras (Episode 102)
Fireman Arif S. Kinchen (Episode 65)
Fisherman Hugh Davidson (Episode 60)
Fix-It Felix Jr. Kevin Shinick (Episode 81)
Flamor Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 33)
Flint Mikey Day (Episode 84)
Flint Lockwood Diedrich Bader (Episode 3)
  Jason Marsden (Episode 5)
Flop-Flips Announcer Richard Steven Horvitz (Episode 96)
Flounder Grey Griffin (Episode 64)
Flower Rachel Ramras (Episode 1)
Flutist Rachel Ramras (Episode 71)
Flutterguy Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 45)
Fluttershy Rachel Ramras (Episode 45)
Fortune Yeller Kevin Shinick (Episode 79)
Fozzie Bear Victor Yerrid (Episode 25)
Frank Barone Hugh Davidson (Episode 49)
Frankenstein's Monster Frank Welker (Episode 99)
Franklin Richards Grey Griffin (Episode 72)
Fred Figglehorn Hugh Davidson (Episode 18)
  Kevin Shinick (Episodes 18, 33)
Fred Flintstone Stephen Stanton (Episode 31)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episodes 55, 63)
Fred Jones Kevin Shinick (Episode 35)
  Frank Welker (Episodes 91, 99)
Freddie Benson Mikey Day (Episodes 16, 52)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 1)
  Jason Marsden (Episode 7)
Frederick Fleet Larry Dorf (Episode 45)
Friend Hugh Davidson (Episode 10)
Frosty the Snowman Hugh Davidson (Episode 12)
  Dana Snyder (Episodes 41, 72)
GEICO Gecko Hugh Davidson (Episode 66)
Gabriella Montez Grey Griffin (Episode 23)
Game Show Host Fred Tatasciore (Episode 83)
Gandalf Jim Meskimen
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 50)
  Stephen Stanton (Episode 34)
  Gary Anthony Williams (Episodes 13, 18)
Ganondorf Larry Dorf (Episode 16)
Garfield Kevin Shinick (Episodes 26, 54)
  Frank Welker (Episodes 48, 49, 72)
GargaMelrose Place Announcer Arif S. Kinchen (Episode 103)
Gargamel Kevin Shinick (Episode 38)
  Dana Snyder
Gatored Community College Announcer Barry Dennen (Episode 86)
Geek Eric Artell (Episode 85)
General Diane Beckman Rachel Ramras (Episode 12)
General Joseph Colton Jim Meskimen (Episode 84)
Geodude Hugh Davidson (Episode 42)
Geoffrey Barbara Butler Larry Dorf (Episode 18)
Geoffrey Rush Jim Meskimen (Episode 53)
George Clooney Jim Meskimen (Episode 49)
George Washington Mikey Day (Episode 7)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 9)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episodes 78, 90)
Georgetrooper Kevin Shinick (Episode 2)
Gepetto Kevin Shinick (Episode 2)
Germ Hugh Davidson (Episode 57)
Ghost Rider / Johnny Blaze Keith Ferguson (Episode 67)
Ghost of Christmas Present Dana Snyder (Episode 72)
Giant Fish Tom Kane (Episode 21)
Giant Monster Fred Tatasciore (Episode 49)
Girl Rachel Ramras
Girl With Half a Tooth Rachel Ramras (Episode 80)
Girl on Mall Santa's Lap Grey Griffin (Episode 12)
Globox Fred Tatasciore (Episode 49)
Gloria Grey Griffin (Episode 65)
Gloria Pritchett Audrey Wasilewski (Episode 57)
Go-Bot Larry Dorf (Episode 28)
Goku Hugh Davidson (Episode 38)
  Mikey Day (Episodes 66, 77)
Goldilocks Rachel Ramras (Episode 20)
Gollum Kevin Shinick (Episodes 34, 40, 75, 79)
Good Luck Bear Keith Ferguson (Episode 38)
Goomba Dana Snyder (Episode 7)
Goomba's First Partner Hugh Davidson (Episode 7)
Goomba's Second Partner Larry Dorf (Episode 7)
Gordon Ramsay Seth Green (Episode 35)
Gordon Ramsay (singing voice) Kevin Shinick (Episode 35)
Gossip Girl Rachel Ramras (Episode 4)
Grammy Norma Audrey Wasilewski (Episode 57)
Grant Imahara Kevin Shinick (Episode 56)
Grant Ward Fred Tatasciore (Episode 102)
Grape Ape Kevin Shinick (Episode 37)
Great Moments in Redundancy Announcer Nolan North (Episode 84)
Green Arrow / Oliver Queen Hugh Davidson (Episode 22)
  Nolan North (Episode 94)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 46)
Green Circle Angry Bird Larry Dorf (Episode 29)
Green Goblin / Norman Osborn Kevin Shinick (Episode 46)
Green Lantern / Hal Jordan Keith Ferguson (Episode 46)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 38)
Green Pig Dana Snyder (Episode 29)
Gretel Kevin Shinick (Episode 29)
Grim Reaper Chris Cox (Episode 67)
  Kevin Shinick (Episodes 17, 34, 43)
Grimsby Kevin Shinick (Episode 88)
Grocery Store Clerk Kevin Shinick (Episode 74)
Grouchy Smurf Larry Dorf (Episode 33)
Grumpy Hugh Davidson (Episode 13)
Grumpy Bear Hugh Davidson (Episode 38)
  Brian T. Delaney (Episode 20)
Guard Tom Kenny (Episode 50)
Gustavo Rocque Dan Milano (Episode 89)
  Dana Snyder (Episode 7)
Guts Man Fred Tatasciore (Episode 71)
Guy Chris Edgerly (Episode 65)
  Nolan North (Episode 69)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 59, 69)
Guy on Couch Hugh Davidson (Episode 5)
H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock Kevin Shinick (Episode 16)
Hades Kevin Shinick (Episode 10)
Hagar the Horrible Kevin Shinick (Episode 15)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episode 48)
Hairgoat Announcer Chris Cox (Episode 85)
Hal Jordan Chris Cox (Episode 27)
  Hugh Davidson (Episode 54)
Haley Joel Osment Kevin Shinick (Episode 3)
Hamm Stephen Stanton (Episode 36)
Hamster Hugh Davidson (Episode 34)
Han Solo Keith Ferguson (Episodes 27, 29, 49)
Han Solo and Gretel Announcer Dana Snyder (Episode 29)
Hank Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 70)
Hansel Kevin Shinick (Episode 29)
Happily Ever After Earth Announcer Peter Renaday (Episode 94)
Harley Keener Rachel Ramras (Episode 93)
Harold Kevin Shinick (Episode 27)
Harry Potter Will Friedle (Episodes 53, 81, 95)
Hawkeye / Clint Barton Chris Cox (Episode 88)
  Hugh Davidson (Episode 58)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 61)
  Whitby Hertford (Episode 67)
  Dan Milano (Episode 74)
  Scott Whyte (Episode 94)
Hawkman / Carter Hall Larry Dorf (Episode 46)
Haymitch Abernathy Chris Cox (Episode 102)
Hellboy Fred Tatasciore (Episode 48)
Henry Mills Rachel Ramras (Episode 64)
Hermione Granger Tara Strong (Episode 50)
Hero Hugh Davidson (Episode 82)
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III Jason Marsden (Episodes 15, 44)
Him Tom Kane (Episode 43)
Hiruzen Sarutobi Kevin Shinick (Episode 19)
Hobbit Mikey Day (Episode 59)
Holidays We'd Like to See Announcer Dana Snyder (Episode 78)
Homer Simpson Chris Cox (Episode 101)
Honey Boo Boo Rachel Ramras (Episode 73)
Hood-Ini Keith Ferguson (Episode 101)
Hood-Ini Announcer Jim Meskimen (Episode 101)
Hoof Mikey Day (Episode 63)
Horse Larry Dorf (Episode 53)
Howard Weinerman Mikey Day (Episode 77)
Hulk Keith Ferguson (Episode 23)
  Kevin Shinick (Episodes 24, 61, 94)
Human Torch / Johnny Storm Hugh Davidson (Episode 36)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 72)
Humungousaur Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 9)
Hunger Games Announcer Dana Snyder (Episode 102)
Hunsiker Larry Dorf (Episode 37)
Husband Hugh Davidson (Episode 56)
  Keith Ferguson (Episode 84)
Ice King Keith Ferguson (Episode 23)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 83)
Iceman / Bobby Drake Hugh Davidson (Episode 25)
Ichirō Yashida Keone Young (Episode 101)
Immunity Idol Announcer Kevin Shinick (Episode 22)
Imperial Soldier Kevin Shinick (Episode 49)
Indian Hugh Davidson (Episode 38)
Indiana Jones Keith Ferguson (Episode 12)
Irish Scream Shampoo Announcer Rob Paulsen (Episode 82)
Iron Beast Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 24)
Iron Man (Iron version) Kevin Shinick (Episode 64)
Iron Man / Tony Stark Diedrich Bader (Episode 16)
  Chris Cox
  Larry Dorf (Episodes 8, 39)
  Kevin Shinick (Episodes 9, 23, 28)
Iron Man Robot Kevin Shinick (Episode 9)
J.A.R.V.I.S. Brian T. Delaney (Episode 93)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 9)
J.J. Abrams Larry Dorf (Episode 28)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episode 28)
JWoww Rachel Ramras (Episodes 11, 22)
Jack Kevin Shinick (Episode 88)
Jack Black Brian T. Delaney (Episodes 40, 88)
Jack Dawson Mikey Day (Episode 55)
Jack Frost Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Episode 88)
Jack Harper Quinton Flynn (Episode 86)
Jack Skellington Chris Cox (Episodes 35, 88, 96)
Jack White Kevin Shinick (Episode 88)
Jackson Curtis Kevin Shinick (Episode 3)
Jacob Black Hugh Davidson (Episode 60)
  Mikey Day (Episodes 7, 24, 42, 75)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 7)
  Seth Green (Episode 23)
  Jason Marsden (Episode 10)
Jacob Marley Hugh Davidson (Episode 72)
Jade Clare Grant (Episode 44)
Jadis the White Witch Grey Griffin (Episode 17)
Jake Gyllenhaal Kevin Shinick (Episode 10)
Jake Lonergan Gregg Berger (Episode 32)
Jake Smelly Kevin Shinick (Episodes 1, 15, 18)
Jake the Dog Eric Artell (Episode 74)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 23)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episode 83)
James Hugh Davidson (Episode 23)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 14)
James "Big Jim" Rennie Jim Meskimen (Episode 101)
James Bond Chris Cox (Episode 58, 75)
  Nolan North (Episode 77)
James Diamond Chris Cox (Episode 89)
James Dyson Stephen Stanton (Episode 61)
James Franco Brian T. Delaney (Episode 28)
James P. "Sulley" Sullivan Jeff Bergman (Episode 93)
  Stephen Stanton (Episode 80)
James Rhodes Keith Ferguson (Episode 93)
Jamie Hyneman Keith Ferguson (Episode 56)
Jamie Oliver Fred Tatasciore (Episode 21)
Jane Foster Grey Griffin (Episode 24)
Jared Franklin Hugh Davidson (Episode 54)
Jay Gatsby Chris Cox (Episode 89)
Jay Lion-O Jim Meskimen (Episode 45)
Jay Pritchett Stephen Stanton (Episode 57)
Jay-Z Kevin Shinick (Episode 15)
  Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 18)
Jean Grey Rachel Butera (Episode 101)
  Grey Griffin (Episode 25)
Jeff Sutphen Kevin Shinick (Episode 71)
Jeff Winger Kevin Shinick (Episode 93)
Jeffy Rachel Ramras (Episode 57)
Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau Clare Grant (Episode 34)
Jennifer Lawrence Grey Griffin (Episode 71)
Jerry Gergich Larry Dorf (Episode 55)
Jessie Rachel Ramras (Episode 14)
Jetray Kevin Shinick (Episode 9)
Jewel Rachel Ramras (Episode 27)
Jim Halpert Ben Schwartz (Episode 25)
Jimmy Olsen Eric Artell (Episode 85)
  Mikey Day (Episode 47)
Jo Bennett Grey Griffin (Episode 25)
Joan Watson Rachel Ramras (Episode 86)
Joe Jonas Mikey Day (Episode 7)
Joe Lamb Jason Marsden (Episode 28)
Joe Williams Hugh Davidson (Episode 1)
Joey Mikey Day (Episode 17)
Joey Fatone Hugh Davidson (Episode 72)
Johann Sebastian Bach Hugh Davidson (Episode 13)
John "Hannibal" Smith Diedrich Bader (Episode 16)
John Cale Nolan North (Episode 103)
John Carter Chris Cox (Episode 54)
John Casey Larry Dorf (Episode 12)
John Cena James Barbour (Episode 82)
  Chris Cox (Episode 43)
John Landon Chris Cox (Episode 37)
John Lasseter Chris Cox (Episode 64)
John Reese Chris Cox (Episode 61)
Johnny Bravo Kevin Shinick (Episode 64)
Jokahontas Grey Griffin (Episode 70)
Jon Arbuckle Keith Ferguson (Episode 73)
Jonathan Kent Breckin Meyer (Episode 22)
Jor-El Henry Winkler "MAD's 100th Episode Special"
Jorge Garcia Larry Dorf (Episode 62)
Josh Larry Dorf (Episode 71)
Judge Hugh Davidson (Episode 28)
  Arif S. Kinchen (Episode 88)
  Tara Strong (Episode 54)
Judge Melvin Qwerty Kevin Shinick (Episode 27)
Julia Rachel Ramras (Episode 31)
Julia Roberts Rachel Ramras (Episode 33)
Julia Shumway Grey Griffin (Episode 101)
Julian Casablancas Hugh Davidson (Episode 19)
Julie Rachel Ramras (Episode 96)
Juliette Barnes Tara Strong (Episode 99)
Jumping Bean Boy Hugh Davidson (Episode 47)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 47)
Juni Cortez Larry Dorf (Episode 39)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 39)
Junior Mikey Day (Episode 13)
Justin Bieber Kevin Shinick (Episodes 5, 21, 33)
Justin Timberlake Larry Dorf (Episode 15)
  Keith Ferguson (Episode 72)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 44)
Kahn Noonien Singh Kevin Shinick (Episode 94)
Kai-Lan Rachel Ramras (Episode 18)
Kane Hugh Davidson (Episode 82)
Kangaroo Rachel Ramras (Episode 53)
  Tara Strong (Episode 53)
Kanye West Gary Anthony Williams (Episodes 8, 24)
Kate Fox Tara Strong (Episode 80)
Katniss Everdeen Grey Griffin (Episode 60)
Katy Perry Rachel Ramras (Episodes 6, 19)
Katy Putty Eden Espinosa (Episode 26)
Ken Kevin Shinick (Episode 17)
Kermit the Frog Kevin Shinick
Kevin Bernard Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 20)
Kevin Flynn Chris Cox (Episode 31)
  Hugh Davidson (Episode 21)
Kevin James Ralph Garman (Episode 37)
  Jim Meskimen (Episode 71)
Kevin Jonas Larry Dorf (Episode 7)
Kevin Shinick Kevin Shinick (Episode 5)
Khloe Kardashian Eden Espinosa (Episode 82)
  Clare Grant (Episode 30)
Kick Tuttowski Mikey Day (Episode 59)
Kid Mikey Day (Episode 42)
  Brian T. Delaney (Episode 40)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 60)
Kid Flash / Bart Allen Jason Marsden (Episode 46)
Kid Flash / Wally West Kevin Shinick (Episode 45)
Kid Trunks Kevin Shinick (Episode 38)
Kid with Glasses Dana Snyder (Episode 47)
Kid with Shellmet Kevin Shinick (Episode 78)
Kid with Time Machine Kevin Shinick (Episode 41)
Kid with Time Machine's Dad Fred Tatasciore (Episode 41)
Kid with Time Machine's Mom Rachel Ramras (Episode 41)
Kid with Zits Mikey Day (Episode 19)
Kilowog Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 96)
Kim Rachel Ramras (Episode 78)
Kim Kardashian Rachel Ramras (Episode 30)
King Moonracer Kevin Shinick (Episode 41)
King of All Cosmos Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 54)
Kirby Kevin Shinick (Episode 63)
Kirby's Star Tours Announcer Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 34)
Kit Kittredge Tara Strong (Episode 36)
Kitty Kittredge Rachel Ramras (Episode 36)
Klaus Larry Dorf (Episode 68)
  Dana Snyder (Episode 8)
Klaw / Ulysses Klaw Hugh Davidson (Episode 72)
Knight Chris Cox (Episodes 63, 64)
Know the Difference Announcer Brian T. Delaney (Episode 88)
Ko-Bee Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 20)
Kobe Bryant Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 20)
Koopa Troopa Keith Ferguson (Episode 71)
Kourtney Kardashian Rachel Ramras (Episode 30)
Kris Humphries Hugh Davidson (Episode 54)
Kris Kardashian Clare Grant (Episode 30)
Kristen Stewart Rachel Ramras (Episodes 8, 13, 46)
  Tara Strong (Episode 80)
Lady Gaga Rachel Ramras (Episode 40)
Lakitu Rachel Ramras (Episode 16)
Lamar Odom Kevin Shinick (Episode 30)
Lampwick Will Friedle (Episode 63)
Lando Calrissian Billy Dee Williams (Episode 50)
Lara Croft Grey Griffin (Episode 24)
Larry Kevin Shinick (Episode 45)
Larry the Cucumber Kevin Shinick (Episode 35)
LeBron James Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 18)
Lego Hank Azaria Kevin Shinick (Episode 41)
Leland Chapman Mikey Day (Episode 6)
Lemming Kevin Shinick (Episode 68)
Lemming Snicket Brian T. Delaney (Episode 68)
Lena Thackleman Tara Strong (Episode 85)
Leonard Hofstadter Will Friedle (Episode 81)
Leonardo Dan Milano (Episode 18)
  Michael Sinterniklaas (Episode 48)
Leonardo DiCaprio Kevin Shinick (Episodes 26, 28)
Leslie Knope Tara Strong (Episode 55)
Lex Luthor Dan Milano (Episode 10)
  Rob Paulsen (Episode 82)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 22)
  Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 85)
Liam Neeson Fred Tatasciore (Episodes 64, 78)
Lightbulb Dan Milano (Episode 49)
Lightning McQueen Hugh Davidson (Episode 13)
  Keith Ferguson (Episode 27)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 31)
Lilly Curtis Rachel Ramras (Episode 3)
Lilly Truscott Grey Griffin (Episode 21)
Lily Collins Rachel Ramras (Episode 39)
Linkong Gilbert Gottfried (Episode 79)
Linus Van Pelt Rico Rodriguez (Episode 67)
Lion-LOL Will Friedle (Episode 32)
Lion-O Kevin Shinick (Episode 71)
Lionel Luthor Hugh Davidson (Episode 22)
Lipstuck Announcer Keith Ferguson (Episode 76)
Lipstuck Boy Tara Strong (Episode 76)
Lipstuck Father Fred Tatasciore (Episode 76)
Lipstuck Mother Rachel Ramras (Episode 76)
Lisa's Friend Tara Strong (Episode 85)
Little Girl Rachel Ramras (Episodes 5, 38)
Live Reporter Meredith Salenger (Episode 33)
Lizard / Dr. Curt Connors Kevin Shinick (Episode 66)
Llama Kevin Shinick (Episode 6)
Lobster Mikey Day (Episode 6)
Lofty Grey Griffin (Episode 29)
Logan Mitchell Tara Strong (Episode 89)
Lois Rachel Ramras (Episode 13)
Lois Lane Grey Griffin (Episode 22)
Loki Chris Cox (Episodes 69, 77)
Lone Ranger Eric Artell (Episode 74)
Lorax Kevin Shinick (Episode 57)
Lord Shen Keith Ferguson (Episode 29)
Lord Voldemort Kevin Shinick (Episode 65)
Loretta Lockhorn Tara Strong (Episode 48)
Lotso (Lots O' Huggin' Bear) Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 17)
Lt. Alex Hopper Chris Cox (Episode 55)
Lt. Commander Montgomery "Scotty" Scott Mikey Day (Episode 30)
  Nolan North (Episode 84)
  James Patrick Stuart (Episode 87)
Lt. Hikaru Sulu Eric Lopez (Episode 94)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 84)
Lt. Uhura Grey Griffin (Episode 4)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 94)
Lucas Desange Fred Tatasciore (Episode 83)
Lucky the Leprechaun Kevin Shinick (Episode 50)
Lucy Pevensie Rachel Ramras (Episode 60)
Lucy Van Pelt Rachel Ramras (Episode 67)
  Tara Strong (Episode 58)
Luke Skywalker Chris Cox (Episode 27)
  Dan Milano (Episodes 49, 56)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 44)
Lumberjack Chris Cox (Episode 77)
Lunchroom Monitor Kevin Shinick (Episode 73)
Lyra Belacqua Grey Griffin (Episode 13)
M&MA Championship Announcer Mikey Day (Episode 80)
M. Bison Larry Dorf (Episode 9)
MAD Ask the Celebrity Announcer Kevin Shinick (Episode 49)
MAD Rebus Sentences Announcer Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 15)
MAD's Guide to Celebrity Siblings Announcer Diedrich Bader (Episode 3)
MAD's Guide to Picking Up Girls Announcer Chris Cox (Episode 76)
MAD's Guide to Video Game Cheats Announcer Dana Snyder (Episode 9)
MAD's Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions Announcer Rachel Ramras (Episodes 16, 18)
MADinization Announcer Jason Marsden (Episode 10)
MADitorial Announcer Quinton Flynn (Episode 86)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 83)
  Stephen Stanton (Episode 85)
  Tara Strong (Episode 87)
Machamp Stephen Stanton (Episode 42)
Maddie Fox Tara Strong (Episode 80)
Magic Magic Marker Announcer Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 45)
Magic Magic Marker Boy Kevin Shinick (Episode 45)
  Kath Soucie (Episode 45)
Magic Magic Marker Girl Rachel Ramras (Episode 45)
Magician Tom Kane (Episode 44)
Magneto / Erik Lehnsherr Jim Meskimen (Episode 101)
  Kevin Shinick (Episodes 34, 85)
Mailbox Hugh Davidson (Episode 31)
Mailman Kevin Michael Richardson (Episode 58)
Major Gwen Anderson Debra Wilson (Episode 103)
Malcolm Kevin Shinick (Episode 13)
Male Bear Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 46)
Male Capricorn Fred Tatasciore (Episode 77)
Male Snake Kevin Shinick (Episode 22)
Maleficent Rachel Ramras (Episode 65)
Mall Santa Stephen Stanton (Episode 12)
Man Hugh Davidson
  Mikey Day (Episode 74)
  Larry Dorf
  Kevin Shinick
Man Playing Mini-Golf Kevin Shinick (Episode 54)
Man Trapped in Quicksand Keith Ferguson (Episode 29)
Man from MADitorial Kevin Shinick (Episode 87)
Man with Bazooka Larry Dorf (Episode 41)
Man with Mask Brian T. Delaney (Episode 28)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 28)
Man with Mattress Whitby Hertford (Episode 67)
Man with Sleepy Cloud Nolan North (Episode 27)
Man's Wife Rachel Ramras (Episode 54)
Man-Eating Green Beans Larry Dorf (Episode 46)
Mandarin Kevin Shinick (Episode 93)
Manny Larry Dorf (Episode 21)
  Jim Meskimen (Episode 60)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 4)
Map Kevin Shinick (Episode 99)
Marcel Hugh Davidson (Episode 27)
Margaret Thatcher Robot Tara Strong (Episodes 53, 79)
Mariko Yashida Rachel Ramras (Episode 101)
Mario Kevin Shinick (Episodes 9, 16, 54)
Mario Lopez Kevin Shinick (Episode 82)
Marissa Wilson Meredith Salenger (Episode 39)
Mark Hugh Davidson (Episode 9)
Mark Zuckerberg Kevin Shinick (Episodes 22, 34)
Mark's Wife Rachel Ramras (Episode 9)
Martian Boy Rachel Ramras (Episode 54)
Martian Manhunter / J'onn J'onzz Gary Anthony Williams (Episodes 46, 54)
Martin Kevin Shinick (Episode 28)
Marty Arif S. Kinchen (Episode 65)
  Jim Meskimen (Episode 71)
Marvin the Martian Kevin Shinick (Episode 54)
Mary Ann Murphy Rachel Ramras (Episode 15)
Mary Jane Watson Rachel Ramras (Episode 7)
Mary Poppins Grey Griffin (Episode 86)
Mary Wilker Rachel Ramras (Episode 46)
Master Roshi Victor Yerrid (Episode 66)
Master Shifu Barry Dennen (Episode 86)
Master Tigress Grey Griffin (Episode 29)
Matai Shang Kevin Shinick (Episode 54)
Mater Kevin Shinick (Episodes 2, 27, 31)
Matt Hooper Kirk Thornton (Episode 87)
Maw Maw Rachel Ramras (Episode 53)
Max Kenton Rachel Ramras (Episode 47)
Mayor Will Friedle (Episode 53)
  Dana Snyder (Episode 37)
Mayor of Halloween Town Kevin Shinick (Episode 35)
Mazer Rackham Jim Meskimen (Episode 103)
Medusa Rachel Ramras (Episode 10)
Meelo Larry Dorf (Episode 61)
Mega Man Mikey Day (Episode 63)
Megan Fox Grey Griffin (Episodes 4, 8, 10)
Megatron Larry Dorf (Episodes 2, 10, 33)
  Chris Edgerly (Episode 65)
Mel Bernstein Meredith Salenger (Episode 79)
Melinda May Tara Strong (Episode 103)
Meme Wolf Keith Ferguson (Episode 66)
Meredith Palmer Rachel Ramras (Episode 25)
Merva Tara Strong (Episode 3)
Mewtwo Jim Meskimen (Episode 42)
Michael Cera Kevin Shinick (Episode 22)
Michael Ian Black Kevin Shinick (Episode 28)
Michael Kors Dan Milano (Episode 33)
Michelangelo Hugh Davidson (Episode 48)
  Brian T. Delaney (Episode 18)
Mickey Mouse Kevin Shinick (Episodes 11, 39)
Middle-Aged Wolf Kevin Shinick (Episode 86)
Middle-Aged Wolf Announcer Dan Milano (Episode 86)
Mike Rogo Fred Tatasciore (Episode 60)
Mike Sorrentino Mikey Day (Episode 11)
  Kevin Shinick (Episodes 11, 18, 22)
Mike Wazowski Dan Milano (Episodes 80, 93)
Miley Cyrus Rachel Ramras
Mime Larry Dorf (Episode 57)
Miranda Cosgrove Grey Griffin (Episode 25)
Miss Piggy Victor Yerrid (Episode 25)
Missedmas Woman Rachel Ramras (Episode 78)
Mister Fantastic / Reed Richards Keith Ferguson (Episode 72)
Misty Grey Griffin (Episode 14)
Mitch Hopeluck Dan Milano (Episode 41)
Mitchie Torres Grey Griffin (Episode 8)
Mojo Jojo Kevin Shinick (Episodes 37, 43)
Mole Man / Harvey Elder Kevin Shinick (Episode 72)
Mom Grey Griffin (Episode 62)
  Rachel Ramras (Episodes 2, 20, 66)
  Meredith Salenger (Episode 58)
  Tara Strong (Episode 76)
  Debra Wilson (Episode 103)
Monkey Wheel of Fortune Announcer Larry Dorf (Episode 37)
Monroe Jim Meskimen (Episode 70)
Monster Anchorman Chris Cox (Episode 80)
Moondragon / Heather Douglas Rachel Ramras (Episode 28)
Mordecai the Blue Jay Chris Cox (Episodes 22, 27)
Morgan Freeman Tom Kane (Episodes 44, 67)
Mother Beth Littleford (Episode 69)
  Meredith Salenger (Episode 79)
Mothra Washington Rachel Ramras (Episode 79)
Mountain Climber Larry Dorf (Episode 45)
Mouse Tara Strong (Episode 40)
Mr. Bunny Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 19)
Mr. Couch Potato Head Larry Dorf (Episode 4)
Mr. Dark Keith Ferguson (Episode 49)
Mr. Forgetful Kevin Shinick (Episode 32)
Mr. Peanut Kevin Shinick (Episode 28)
Mr. Potato Head Dan Milano (Episode 41)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 36)
Mr. Schlock Kevin Shinick (Episode 4)
Mr. Spock Mikey Day (Episode 84)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 13)
  Kirk Thornton (Episode 87)
  Scott Whyte (Episode 94)
Mr. T Gary Anthony Williams
Mr. Tumnus Larry Dorf (Episode 17)
Mrs. Claus Rachel Ramras (Episode 41)
Mrs. Potato Head Rachel Ramras (Episode 36)
Mumble Rachel Ramras (Episode 27)
Mumm-Ra Kevin Shinick (Episode 45)
Mummy Girl Rachel Ramras (Episode 35)
Mummy Mom Meredith Salenger (Episode 35)
Munchkin Mayor Kevin Shinick (Episode 87)
Museum Dad Keith Ferguson (Episode 83)
Museum Daughter Alanna Ubach (Episode 83)
Mystique / Raven Darkholme Grey Griffin (Episode 65)
Nancy Ortega Grey Griffin (Episode 39)
Narrator Gregg Berger (Episode 32)
  Chris Cox (Episode 27)
  Keith Ferguson (Episode 67)
  Tom Kane (Episode 21)
  Ben Schwartz (Episode 25)
  Stephen Stanton (Episodes 12, 31)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episode 63)
Naruto Uzumaki Rachel Ramras (Episode 19)
Narwhal Rachel Ramras (Episode 32)
Natalie Portman Rachel Ramras (Episodes 26, 49)
Navid Shirazi Larry Dorf (Episode 19)
Neil Grey Griffin (Episode 67)
Neil Patrick Harris Jim Meskimen (Episode 83)
Nemo Tara Strong (Episode 64)
Nerd Hugh Davidson (Episode 54)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 54)
Nesmith Jim Meskimen (Episode 37)
Nessie Announcer Jim Meskimen (Episode 53)
News From the Campaign Trail Announcer Mikey Day (Episode 66)
Newsman Kevin Shinick
Neytiri Cree Summer (Episode 1)
Nick Chris Cox (Episode 70)
Nick Carraway Eric Artell (Episode 89)
Nick Fury Fred Tatasciore (Episodes 28, 40, 61, 77)
Nicki Minaj Tara Strong (Episodes 58, 66)
Nickita Minaj Rachel Ramras (Episode 81)
Nicolas Cage Keith Ferguson (Episodes 44, 71)
Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi Rachel Ramras (Episode 75)
Nigel Kevin Shinick (Episode 27)
Nightcrawler / Kurt Wagner Eric Artell (Episode 85)
  Jim Meskimen (Episode 103)
Nikki Miller Rachel Ramras (Episode 48)
Nina Garcia Rachel Ramras (Episode 33)
Nion Keith Ferguson (Episode 56)
No it's Snot! Announcer Dana Snyder (Episode 4)
Noah Curtis Larry Dorf (Episode 3)
Nojang96 Kevin Shinick (Episode 34)
Norman Babcock Rico Rodriguez (Episode 67)
North (Santa Claus) Jim Meskimen (Episode 81)
Nyefall Announcer Mikey Day (Episode 75)
Obi-Wan Kenobi Hugh Davidson (Episode 57)
  Jim Meskimen (Episode 53)
  Kevin Shinick (Episodes 27, 49)
Odie's Security Guard Biz Markie (Episode 73)
Odin Breckin Meyer (Episode 22)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 69)
  Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 24)
Office Man Dan Milano (Episode 49)
Office Worker Kevin Shinick (Episode 45)
  Dana Snyder (Episode 46)
Old Carnival Owner Keith Ferguson (Episode 38)
Old Lady Rachel Ramras (Episode 66)
Old Man Hugh Davidson (Episode 28)
  Dan Milano (Episode 68)
  Stephen Stanton (Episodes 65, 85)
Old Man Welker Frank Welker (Episode 99)
Optimus Prime Chris Cox (Episode 30)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episode 38)
  Gary Anthony Williams
Oscar the Grouch Kevin Shinick (Episodes 5, 7)
Owen Lars Will Friedle (Episode 53)
Owl Kevin Shinick (Episode 21)
Pablo Rachel Ramras (Episode 69)
Padmé Amidala Rachel Ramras (Episode 49)
Pam Beesly Rachel Ramras (Episode 25)
Panthro Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 45)
Papa Smurf Stan Lee (Episode 83)
  Jim Meskimen (Episodes 33, 38, 100)
  Dan Milano (Episode 82)
  Kevin Shinick (Episodes 1, 43)
Parent Trainer Announcer Kevin Shinick (Episode 50)
Parker Diedrich Bader (Episode 1)
Passerby Chris Cox (Episode 61)
Patient Hugh Davidson (Episode 11)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 3)
Patrick Jane Thomas F. Wilson (Episode 85)
Patrick Winslow Jim Meskimen (Episode 33)
Patti Stanger Tara Strong (Episode 39)
Pauly D Larry Dorf (Episode 11)
Peeta Mellark Jason Marsden (Episode 60)
Peggy Carter Tara Strong (Episode 40)
Pencil Dana Snyder (Episode 29)
Penelope Garcia Rachel Ramras (Episode 34)
Penguin / Oswald Cobblepot Hugh Davidson (Episode 11)
Pepper Rachel Ramras (Episode 64)
Percy Kevin Shinick (Episode 27)
Perseus Nolan North (Episode 56)
Peter Bash Kevin Shinick (Episode 54)
Peter Brand Dan Milano (Episode 38)
Peter Burke Keith Ferguson (Episode 72)
Peter Griffin Kevin Shinick (Episode 17)
Peter Pan Rachel Ramras (Episode 78)
Peter Parker Eric Artell (Episode 83)
Peter Pevensie Larry Dorf (Episode 13)
Phil Coulson Hugh Davidson (Episode 24)
  Jason Marsden (Episode 28)
  Stephen Stanton (Episode 61)
Phil Dunphy Kevin Shinick (Episode 57)
Phil Jackson Brian T. Delaney (Episode 20)
Philip Banks Arif S. Kinchen (Episode 62)
  Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 18)
Phineas Flynn Kevin Shinick (Episodes 16, 44)
Photographer Mikey Day (Episode 11)
Pi Patel Keith Ferguson (Episode 76)
Piccolo Hugh Davidson (Episodes 66, 77)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episode 38)
Picnic Man Fred Tatasciore (Episode 76)
Piers Morgan Kevin Shinick (Episode 28)
Piglet Whitby Hertford (Episode 67)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 31)
Pikachu Rachel Ramras (Episode 80)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 42)
Pil-Grimm Jim Meskimen (Episode 70)
Pilgrim Jim Meskimen (Episode 70)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 70)
Pillow Fight Kid Clare Grant (Episode 82)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 82)
Pinkie Pie Tara Strong (Episode 45)
Pinocchio Rachel Ramras (Episodes 2, 28)
Pirate Mikey Day (Episode 80)
  Dan Milano (Episode 80)
  Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 6)
Pirate Pete Mikey Day (Episode 74)
Pit Will Friedle (Episode 63)
Pit's Mother Tara Strong (Episode 63)
Pitabread Farts Eric Artell (Episode 102)
Plastic Man / Patrick "Eel" O'Brien Dana Snyder (Episode 46)
Playground Boy Hugh Davidson (Episode 58)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 58)
Playground Girl Rachel Ramras (Episode 58)
Po Brian T. Delaney (Episode 18, 29, 86)
Pokémon Professor Dan Milano (Episode 14)
Pokémon Trainer Clare Grant (Episode 82)
Police Chief Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 42)
Police Officer Chris Cox (Episode 85)
  Hugh Davidson (Episodes 18, 65)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 66)
  Dana Snyder (Episodes 78, 82)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episode 71)
Politician Brian T. Delaney (Episode 29)
Popcorn Mikey Day (Episode 26)
Popeye Kevin Shinick (Episode 76)
Potato Fred Tatasciore (Episode 40)
Powell Jim Meskimen (Episode 54)
Prairie Dawn Rachel Ramras (Episode 81)
Prankster Kevin Shinick (Episode 41)
President Dale Gilcrest Jim Meskimen (Episode 83)
President James Sawyer Arif S. Kinchen (Episode 103)
President Snow Fred Tatasciore (Episodes 60, 102)
President Thomas Wilson Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 3)
Prime Minister Hugh Davidson (Episode 48)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 5)
Prince Charming Larry Dorf (Episode 1)
Prince Eric Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Episode 88)
Prince Zuko Breckin Meyer (Episode 22)
Prince of All Cosmos Fred Tatasciore (Episode 54)
Princess Rachel Ramras (Episode 63)
Princess Fiona Julie Nathanson (Episode 47)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 20)
Princess Leia Organa Rachel Ramras (Episode 44)
Princess Peach Rachel Ramras (Episodes 16, 54, 63)
Principal Betcher Larry Dorf (Episode 71)
Principal Figgins Mikey Day (Episode 4)
Prison Warden Hugh Davidson (Episode 65)
Prisoner Tom Kenny (Episode 50)
Private Space Hugh Davidson (Episode 4)
Professor Albus Dumbledore Kevin Shinick (Episode 50)
Professor X / Charles Xavier Tom Kane (Episode 44)
  Jim Meskimen (Episode 34)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 101)
  Stephen Stanton (Episode 85)
Psyduck Kevin Shinick (Episode 87)
Psyduck Announcer James Patrick Stuart (Episode 87)
Puppeteer Jim Meskimen (Episode 79)
Push Your Luck Contestant Hugh Davidson (Episode 47)
Puss in Boots Hugh Davidson (Episode 20)
Queen Clementianna Rachel Ramras (Episode 56)
Queen Ravenna Tara Strong (Episode 56)
Queen of the Cherry Trees Tara Strong (Episode 78)
Quilt Kevin Shinick (Episode 92)
R Mikey Day (Episode 96)
Rabbit Kevin Shinick (Episode 21)
Rachel Berry Grey Griffin (Episode 4)
Rachel Federoff Meredith Salenger (Episode 39)
Radioactive Spider Kevin Shinick (Episode 83)
Rainbow Dash Kath Soucie (Episode 45)
  Tara Strong (Episode 79)
Randy Cunningham Kevin Shinick (Episode 77)
Randy Savage Fred Tatasciore (Episode 77)
Ranger Smith Mikey Day (Episode 24)
  Seth Green (Episode 76)
Rango Dana Snyder (Episodes 24, 92)
Raphael Hugh Davidson (Episode 18)
  Dan Milano (Episode 48)
Raven Tara Strong (Episode 45)
Rayman Kevin Shinick (Episode 49)
Rayna Jaymas Grey Griffin (Episode 99)
Rebecca Wilson Rachel Ramras (Episode 39)
Red Death Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 15)
Red Skull / Johann Schmidt Kevin Shinick (Episodes 23, 29, 40)
Red Tree Rachel Ramras (Episode 103)
Reese Mikey Day (Episode 13)
Referee Brian T. Delaney (Episode 88)
  Dan Milano (Episode 18)
Reindeer Larry Dorf (Episode 41)
Rejected Auditions Announcer Brian T. Delaney (Episode 18)
Rejected Grrl Pout Cookies Announcer Grey Griffin (Episode 10)
Rejected Playground Equipment Announcer Kevin Michael Richardson (Episode 58)
Rejected Pokémon Announcer Dana Snyder (Episode 7)
Rejected Reindeer Announcer Grey Griffin (Episode 41)
Rejected Smurfs Announcer Tom Kane (Episode 43)
Rejected Superheroes Announcer Keith Ferguson (Episode 12)
Rejected Toy Story 3 Characters Announcer Dana Snyder (Episode 4)
Rejected Transformers Announcer Larry Dorf (Episode 1)
Rejected Video Games Announcer Dana Snyder (Episode 24)
Reporter Chris Cox (Episode 66)
Reverend Shaw Moore Stephen Stanton (Episode 36)
Rex Rachel Ramras (Episode 4)
Rey Mysterio Kevin Shinick (Episode 43)
Ric Flair Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 24)
Richard Donner Stephen Stanton (Episode 41)
Richie Rich Rachel Ramras (Episode 22)
Ricky Mikey Day (Episode 47)
Riddler / Edward Nygma Mikey Day (Episode 6)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 6)
  Dana Snyder (Episode 68)
Rigby the Raccoon Nolan North (Episode 22)
Rihanna Grey Griffin (Episode 62)
Roadblock Jason Nash (Episode 84)
Rob Kardashian Nolan North (Episode 30)
Robbie Keith Ferguson (Episodes 44, 71)
Robert Kevin Shinick (Episode 32)
Robert Crawley Keith Ferguson (Episode 91)
Robert E. Lee Kevin Shinick (Episode 79)
Robert Franklin Dana Snyder (Episode 37)
Robert Langdon Fred Tatasciore (Episode 12)
Robin / Dick Grayson Larry Dorf (Episode 6)
  Kevin Shinick (Episodes 45, 46)
Robin Hood Jim Meskimen (Episode 78)
RoboCop Jim Meskimen (Episode 38)
Robot Hugh Davidson (Episode 59)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 59)
Rock Star Hugh Davidson (Episode 53)
Rogue / Anna Marie Rachel Ramras (Episode 25)
Ron Swanson Fred Tatasciore (Episode 55)
Ron Weasley Kevin Shinick (Episode 50)
Rooster Cogburn Hugh Davidson (Episode 21)
Rosa DeWitt Bukater Tara Strong (Episode 55)
Roz Rachel Ramras (Episode 93)
Rudolpho Dan Milano (Episode 41)
Rugby Announcer Fred Tatasciore (Episode 54)
Rumpelstiltskin Dana Snyder (Episode 47)
Ryan Gosling Keith Ferguson (Episode 45)
Ryan Howard Larry Dorf (Episode 25)
Ryan King Chris Cox (Episode 75)
Ryan Matthews Kevin Shinick (Episode 19)
Sabrina Spellman Rachel Ramras (Episode 50)
Salon Worker Rachel Ramras (Episode 86)
Sam Puckett Grey Griffin (Episodes 7, 98)
  Rachel Ramras (Episodes 68, 73, 74)
  Cree Summer (Episode 1)
Sam Quint Dan Milano (Episode 87)
Sam Winchester Brian T. Delaney (Episode 40)
Sam Witwicky Larry Dorf (Episode 2)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 33)
Samuel L. Jackson Fred Tatasciore (Episode 71)
Samurai Jack Hugh Davidson (Episode 64)
Santa Claus Fred Tatasciore (Episodes 41, 72)
Sarah Walker Grey Griffin (Episode 12)
Sarge Hugh Davidson (Episode 7)
Sassie Kevin Shinick (Episode 34)
Savannah Potato Head Salli Saffioti (Episode 36)
Saxophone Player Hugh Davidson (Episode 44)
Scarecrow Hugh Davidson (Episode 45)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episode 70)
Scarlett Johansson Rachel Ramras (Episode 8)
Scientist Hugh Davidson (Episode 16)
  Mikey Day (Episode 63)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 40)
Scientist on Fire Larry Dorf (Episode 16)
Scooby-Doo Larry Dorf (Episode 35, 39)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 47)
  Frank Welker (Episodes 91, 99)
Scoop Chris Cox (Episode 29)
Scorch Supernova Kevin Shinick (Episode 85)
Screaming Women Rachel Ramras (Episode 2)
Scrooge McDuck Stephen Stanton (Episode 90)
Sean Parker Breckin Meyer (Episode 22)
Sebulba Kevin Shinick (Episode 86)
Secret Agent Chris Cox (Episode 70)
Secret Service Agent Keith Ferguson (Episode 83)
Selena Gomez Rachel Ramras (Episodes 7, 15, 33)
Seth Green Kevin Shinick (Episode 28)
Seth MacFarlane Kevin Shinick (Episode 48)
Severine Rachel Ramras (Episode 81)
Shaggy Rogers Mikey Day (Episode 47)
  Matthew Lillard (Episodes 35, 91)
Shakira Grey Griffin (Episode 19)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 88)
Shaquille O'Neal Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 11)
Shaun White Mikey Day (Episode 34)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 2)
Shawn Spencer Jason Palmer (Episode 87)
Sheen Kevin Shinick (Episode 37)
Shelby Forthright Larry Dorf (Episode 5)
Sheldon Cooper Kevin Shinick (Episode 81)
Sheldon J. Plankton Kevin Shinick (Episode 30)
Shellmet Announcer Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 78)
Shenron Kevin Shinick (Episode 66)
Sheriff Motch Hugh Davidson (Episode 34)
Shoe Salesman Dana Snyder (Episode 11)
Shopping Mall Elf Keith Ferguson (Episode 12)
Shredder / Oroku Saki Kevin Shinick (Episodes 18, 48)
Shrek Chris Edgerly (Episode 65)
  Nolan North (Episodes 20, 47)
Sick Buttowski Announcer Frank Welker (Episode 49)
Sick Guy Larry Dorf (Episode 62)
Silva Hugh Davidson (Episode 77)
Silver Hugh Davidson (Episode 74)
Simon Seville Jason Marsden (Episode 46)
Sinestro Kevin Shinick (Episode 54)
Singer Grey Griffin (Episode 65)
Sir Topham Hatt Keith Ferguson (Episode 27)
Skeleton Mikey Day (Episode 34)
Sketch Stork Kevin Shinick (Episodes 95, 101, 102, 103)
Skinny Guy Mikey Day (Episode 16)
Slimer Fred Tatasciore (Episode 38)
Slinky Dana Snyder (Episode 41)
Sloth Keith Ferguson (Episode 66)
Smurfette Rachel Ramras (Episode 103)
Snake Eric Artell (Episode 83)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 66)
Sneezy Larry Dorf (Episode 13)
Snooki Grey Griffin (Episodes 11, 22)
Snoozeum Announcer Jim Meskimen (Episode 83)
Snott Pilgrim Whitby Hertford (Episode 13)
Snow White Grey Griffin (Episode 13)
Soldier Hugh Davidson (Episode 25)
Son Seth Green (Episode 76)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 79)
Sonic Sneakers Announcer Dana Snyder (Episode 23)
Sonic the Hedgehog Chris Cox (Episode 54)
Soren Brian T. Delaney (Episode 81)
Space Ghost Tom Kane (Episode 67)
Speak'N'Swear Kevin Shinick (Episode 4)
Spencer Shay Larry Dorf (Episode 16)
Spider Rachel Ramras (Episodes 50, 83)
  Dana Snyder (Episode 83)
Spider-Man / Peter Parker Mikey Day (Episodes 9, 52, 66, 74)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 22)
Spock Prime Peter Renaday (Episodes 87, 94)
Spokes-Pilgrim Fred Tatasciore (Episode 70)
SpongeBob SquarePants Kevin Shinick (Episodes 5, 16, 36)
Sports Drink Drink Announcer Fred Tatasciore (Episode 54)
Squid Arif S. Kinchen (Episode 62)
Squirrel Rachel Ramras (Episode 69)
Stan the Dog Jason Nash (Episode 84)
Stanley Hudson Kevin Shinick (Episode 25)
Stanley Oompa Chris Cox (Episode 58)
Stanton Infeld Jim Meskimen (Episode 54)
Star-Lord / Peter Quill Victor Yerrid (Episode 81)
Starfire / Koriand'r Kath Soucie (Episode 45)
Statler Ben Schwartz (Episode 25)
Stephanie Meyer Grey Griffin (Episode 21)
Stephen Tara Strong (Episode 50)
Stephen Stills Mikey Day (Episode 13)
Steve Harvey Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 85)
Steven Spielberg Hugh Davidson (Episode 28)
  Michael Sinterniklaas (Episode 48)
Stoick the Vast Hugh Davidson (Episode 15)
Stork Hugh Davidson (Episode 40)
Storm / Ororo Munroe Meredith Salenger (Episode 25)
  Tara Strong (Episode 85)
Stormtrooper Kevin Shinick (Episode 26)
Story-Reading Dad Dan Milano (Episode 68)
Street Performer Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 59)
Strike Man Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 9)
Sue Sylvester Rachel Ramras (Episodes 4, 23, 26)
Superboy / Conner Kent Larry Dorf (Episode 45)
Superhero 6 Motel Announcer Keith Ferguson (Episode 26)
Superhero Announcer Keone Young (Episode 101)
Superheroes: They're Just Like Us Announcer Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 8)
Superman / Clark Kent Chris Cox (Episode 47)
  Hugh Davidson (Episode 10)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 46)
  Kevin Shinick
  Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 13)
  Thomas F. Wilson (Episode 85)
  Weird Al Yankovic "MAD's 100th Episode Special"
Surgeon Larry Dorf (Episode 4)
  Richard Steven Horvitz (Episode 96)
Survivor Guy Hugh Davidson (Episode 22)
Susan Pevensie Rachel Ramras (Episode 13)
Susan Shelby Rachel Ramras (Episode 60)
Suspect Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 85)
Swiper the Fox Kevin Shinick (Episode 99)
Swordfish Dana Snyder (Episode 78)
T-Pain Kevin Shinick (Episodes 15, 21)
TV Executive Chris Cox (Episode 21)
Tammy Rachel Ramras (Episode 24)
Tasha Beth Littleford (Episode 69)
Tauntaun Frank Welker (Episode 49)
Taylor Lautner Mikey Day (Episode 39)
  Jason Marsden (Episode 46)
Taylor Swift Grey Griffin (Episode 15)
  Rachel Ramras (Episodes 7, 9)
Teacher Hugh Davidson (Episode 77)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 16)
  Clare Grant (Episode 34)
  Dana Snyder (Episodes 24, 102)
  Tara Strong (Episode 78)
Technician Chris Cox (Episode 69)
Ted Will Friedle (Episode 57)
Teddy Montgomery Kevin Shinick (Episode 19)
Teen Titanic Announcer Jim Meskimen (Episode 45)
Teenager Mikey Day (Episode 30)
  Grey Griffin (Episode 19)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 47)
Templeton "Faceman" Peck Hugh Davidson (Episode 16)
Tenderheart Bear Dan Milano (Episode 38)
Tenzin Kevin Shinick (Episode 61)
Terry Crews Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 78)
Tetromino Stephen Stanton (Episode 68)
Thaddeus Stevens Jim Meskimen (Episode 79)
Thankstaking Boy Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 78)
Thankstaking Girl Rachel Ramras (Episode 78)
The Adventures of Iron Man Announcer Chris Cox (Episode 64)
The Adventures of Tauntaun Announcer Jim Meskimen (Episode 49)
The Amazing Man-Spider Announcer Stan Lee (Episode 83)
The Asker Dana Snyder (Episode 9)
The Everyone's Pole Announcer Keith Ferguson (Episode 87)
The Fish Dana Snyder (Episode 76)
The Fresh Beasts Band Announcer Dan Milano (Episode 89)
The Grinch Stephen Stanton (Episode 12)
The Huntsman Nolan North (Episode 56)
The Land After the Land Before Time Announcer Stephen Stanton (Episode 42)
The Legend of Snoopy Hollow Announcer Tom Kane (Episode 67)
The Miz Kevin Shinick (Episode 82)
The Soothsayer Grey Griffin (Episode 29)
The Underwaker Announcer Brian T. Delaney (Episode 20)
The Water Bunkbed Announcer Chris Cox (Episode 94)
The Woman in Back Tara Strong (Episode 54)
The Woman in Back Announcer Kevin Shinick (Episode 54)
Thelma Audrey Wasilewski (Episode 57)
Theme Park Announcer Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 33)
Theodora Tara Strong (Episode 87)
Theodore Roosevelt Hugh Davidson (Episode 7)
Theodore Seville Tara Strong (Episode 46)
Thief Hugh Davidson (Episode 42)
Thing / Benjamin Grimm Kevin Shinick (Episode 26)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episode 72)
This Day in History Announcer Mikey Day (Episodes 9, 26)
  Jason Marsden (Episode 15)
Thomas Jefferson Hugh Davidson (Episode 9)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 7)
Thomas Popper Jr. Kevin Shinick (Episode 29)
Thomas the Tank Engine Kevin Shinick (Episode 27)
Thor Chris Cox (Episodes 22, 26, 29)
  Hugh Davidson (Episode 23)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 71)
  Nolan North (Episode 69)
  Kevin Shinick (Episodes 15, 48)
Thumper Cree Summer (Episode 1)
ThunderPants Announcer Fred Tatasciore (Episode 43)
Tigger Kevin Shinick (Episode 31)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episode 21)
Time Machine Wizard Dan Milano (Episode 82)
Timmy Mikey Day (Episode 34)
Tinky Turner Dana Snyder (Episode 73)
Tinky Turner's Self Elf Book Announcer Jim Meskimen (Episode 73)
Tintin Kevin Shinick (Episode 45)
Tiny Driver Hugh Davidson (Episode 36)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episode 36)
Tobias Gregson Quinton Flynn (Episode 86)
Todd Kevin Shinick (Episode 38)
Todd Hoffman Keith Ferguson (Episode 89)
Tom Hanks Fred Tatasciore (Episode 33)
Tom Haverford Mikey Day (Episode 55)
Tom LaPille Tom Kenny (Episode 50)
Tom and Jury Announcer Stephen Stanton (Episode 71)
Tomar Re Dan Milano (Episode 27)
Tomato Dan Milano (Episode 27)
  Rachel Ramras (Episode 40)
Toodle-oo Dana Snyder (Episode 4)
Tooth Fairy Dan Milano (Episode 80)
Tootsie Pop Boy Tara Strong (Episode 87)
Tori Vega Rachel Ramras (Episodes 44, 71)
Tortoise Rachel Ramras (Episode 59)
Tour Guide Larry Dorf (Episode 33)
  Grey Griffin (Episode 17)
Tourist Rachel Ramras (Episode 34)
  Dana Snyder (Episode 46)
Toy Sailor Hugh Davidson (Episode 17)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 17)
Train Conductor Stephen Stanton (Episode 101)
Train with Square Wheels Dan Milano (Episode 41)
Training Car Announcer Keith Ferguson (Episode 81)
Treasure Hunter Chris Cox (Episode 80)
Tree Kevin Shinick (Episode 84)
  Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 1)
Triple H Hugh Davidson (Episode 15)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episode 43)
Trix Rabbit Kevin Shinick (Episode 19)
Troll Rachel Ramras (Episode 59)
  Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 59)
Troll-Ra Kevin Shinick (Episode 32)
Tron Cornelius Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 19)
Troy Bolton Kevin Shinick (Episode 23)
Truck Driver Hugh Davidson (Episode 28)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 68)
Truth Paste Announcer Keith Ferguson (Episode 79)
Tuffy Grey Griffin (Episode 71)
Turkey Dan Milano (Episode 38)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 70)
Twilight Sparkle Tara Strong (Episodes 45, 63)
Ty Pennington Jason Marsden (Episode 5)
Tygra Hugh Davidson (Episodes 32, 45)
Tyler Winklevoss Nolan North (Episode 22)
Tyra Banks Rachel Ramras (Episodes 6, 16)
Tyrone Arif S. Kinchen (Episode 69)
U2PS Fan Mikey Day (Episode 26)
US Therapist Jim Meskimen (Episode 62)
Uatu the Watcher Dana Snyder (Episode 23)
Uniqua Tara Strong (Episode 69)
University of Walking Professor Victor Yerrid (Episode 66)
Ursula Grey Griffin (Episode 88)
Usher Chris Cox (Episode 21)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 58)
  Arif S. Kinchen (Episode 88)
VH1 Host Jason Marsden (Episode 32)
Valeria Richards Rachel Ramras (Episode 72)
Vampire Kevin Shinick (Episode 35)
Vegeta Keith Ferguson (Episode 38)
Velma Dinkley Grey Griffin (Episodes 39, 91)
  Julie Nathanson (Episode 47)
  Meredith Salenger (Episode 35)
Vending Machine Hugh Davidson (Episode 32)
Vendor Eden Espinosa (Episode 82)
  Rob Paulsen (Episode 82)
Venusaur Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 42)
Victoria Desange Rachel Ramras (Episode 83)
Victoria Olson Rachel Ramras (Episode 86)
Videotape Recorder Hugh Davidson (Episode 74)
Villain Hand Sanitizer Announcer Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 13)
Vin Diesel Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 17)
Vince Dana Snyder (Episode 82)
Vince McMahon Chris Cox (Episode 77)
Violet Rachel Ramras (Episode 68)
Violet Beauregard Rachel Ramras (Episode 58)
Viper Rachel Ramras (Episode 101)
Virginia Tara Strong (Episode 53)
Virginia "Pepper" Potts Rachel Ramras (Episodes 9, 94)
  Meredith Salenger (Episode 58)
  Tara Strong (Episode 93)
Voltron Kevin Shinick (Episode 32)
Vomit Rachel Ramras (Episode 41)
WALL-E Kevin Shinick (Episode 5)
Waiter Hugh Davidson (Episode 22)
Waldorf Victor Yerrid (Episode 25)
Wall Scientist Jim Meskimen (Episode 81)
Wall Scientists Announcer Brian T. Delaney (Episode 81)
Walter Simmons Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 1)
Wanda Tara Strong (Episode 68)
War Machine / James Rhodes Kevin Michael Richardson (Episode 58)
  Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 9)
Wario Dana Snyder (Episode 68)
Warner Whittemore Eric Artell (Episode 102)
Water Cooler Frank Welker (Episode 49)
Watto Kevin Shinick (Episode 49)
Werewolf Boy Kevin Shinick (Episode 35)
Werner Herzog Keith Ferguson (Episode 76)
What's Wrong This Picture? Announcer Larry Dorf (Episode 44)
Wheezy Mikey Day (Episode 17)
White Ninja Tara Strong (Episode 63)
Whitney Rachel Ramras (Episode 42)
Why Kristen Stewart Never Laughs... or Smiles Announcer Dana Snyder (Episode 73)
Wicked Witch of the West Rachel Ramras (Episode 45)
Wife Rachel Ramras (Episode 61)
Wilbur Wilson Kevin Shinick (Episode 39)
Will Rodman Chris Cox (Episode 37)
Will Schuester Kevin Shinick (Episode 4)
Will Smith Kevin Shinick (Episode 48)
  Stephen Stanton (Episodes 57, 97)
Willy Wonka Kevin Shinick (Episode 30)
Winnie the Pooh Chris Cox (Episodes 21, 31, 63, 67)
  Larry Dorf (Episode 21)
Winter the Dolphin Larry Dorf (Episode 44)
Wizard Dana Snyder (Episode 30)
Wizard / Bentley Wittman Dana Snyder (Episode 72)
Wizard of Id Kevin Shinick (Episode 48)
Wizard or Crazy Person Announcer Fred Tatasciore (Episode 48)
Wolf Hugh Davidson (Episode 20)
Wolverine / Logan Chris Cox (Episode 85)
  Hugh Davidson (Episode 5)
  Keith Ferguson (Episodes 25, 101)
  Nolan North (Episodes 36, 103)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 2)
Woman Grey Griffin (Episodes 19, 61, 62)
  Rachel Ramras (Episodes 18, 54, 60, 74)
  Meredith Salenger (Episode 58)
  Tara Strong (Episode 56)
Woman in Cabin Rachel Ramras (Episode 77)
Wonder Girl / Donna Troy Rachel Ramras (Episode 45)
Wonder Woman / Princess Diana Rachel Ramras (Episode 46)
  Tara Strong (Episodes 69, 94)
Woodrow Dolarhyde Stephen Stanton (Episode 32)
Woody Kevin Shinick (Episodes 4, 17)
  Fred Tatasciore (Episode 36, 41)
Worm Larry Dorf (Episode 26)
  Dan Milano (Episode 26)
Wreck-It Ralph Kevin Shinick (Episode 81)
Wyatt Bernstein Kath Soucie (Episode 79)
Yao Wing Hugh Davidson (Episode 20)
Yellow Bird Dan Milano (Episode 33)
Yoda Kevin Shinick (Episodes 18, 53)
Yogi Bear Kevin Shinick (Episodes 20, 24, 76)
Yu-Gi-Bear! Announcer Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 24)
Yukio Grey Griffin (Episode 101)
Yukon Cornelius Dan Milano (Episode 41)
Zac Efron Mikey Day (Episode 19)
Zack Martin Jason Marsden (Episode 60)
  Kevin Shinick (Episode 7)
Zatanna Tara Strong (Episode 50)
Zeus Gary Anthony Williams (Episode 10)
Zombeach Announcer Keith Ferguson (Episode 84)

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