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Star Wars: Force Commander
Star Wars: Force Commander

Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 2000

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
A-Wing Pilot Nick Jameson
  Bill E. Martin
  Heidi Shannon
AT-AA Driver Olivia Hussey
AT-AT Barge Pilot Carolyn Seymour
AT-AT Driver Tom Kane
AT-PT Driver Harvey Jason
AT-ST Driver Steve Blum
ATC-Airfield Tom Kane
ATC-Frigate Carolyn Seymour
ATC-Landing Platform Robert Pike Daniel
ATC-Star Destroyer Tom Kane
Abridon Prisoner Guy Siner
Abridon Refugee Jeff Bennett
  Olivia Hussey
  Bill E. Martin
Airspeeder Pilot Tony Plana
Attack Tank Driver Philip Proctor
BTL Y-wing Starfighter Pilot Kevin Michael Richardson
Brenn Tantor Jeff Bennett
Builder Shuttle Pilot Kevin Michael Richardson
Building Lifter Pilot Jennifer Hale
C-3PO Tom Kane
Captain Beri Tulon Peter Firth
Computer Complex Voice Jennifer Pajor
Coruscant Palace Guard Bob Bergen
Darth Vader Scott Lawrence
Dellis Tantor Raphael Sbarge
Dewback Trooper Keith Szarabajka
Ferry Shuttle Pilot Alexandra Boyd
General Maximilian Veers Guy Siner
General Tyr Taskeen Michael Bell
Governor of Abridon Ethan Phillips
Grand General Malcor Brashin David Warner
Han Solo Neil Ross
Heavy Artillery Platform Officer Nick Jameson
Heavy Gun Trooper W. Morgan Sheppard
Heavy Lifter Pilot Carolyn Seymour
Hover Tank Driver Steve Blum
Hover Transport Driver Grey Griffin
Imperial Interface Guy Siner
Imperial Prison Ship Comm Officer Tony Plana
Infiltrator Keith Szarabajka
Kalaan Militiaman Jennifer Pajor
  Heidi Shannon
Leia Organa Grey Griffin
Luke Skywalker Bob Bergen
Medical Droid 2-1C Harvey Jason
Mobile Artillery Officer Brendan Holmes
Rebel Dignitary Debi Mae West
Rebel Dignitary Scott Lawrence
Rebel Interface Debi Mae West
Rebel Trooper David Berón
  Philip Proctor
Repair Droid #47-B Dominic Armato
Ruulian Citizen Alexandra Boyd
Ruulian Computer Worker Neil Ross
Ruulian Prisoner Jennifer Hale
  Nick Jameson
Ruulian Strip Miner W. Morgan Sheppard
Ruulian Terrorist Grey Griffin
Scanner Jammer Driver Jennifer Hale
Speeder Bike Trooper Robert Foster
Stormtrooper Dominic Armato
  Terence McGovern
Stormtrooper Sergeant Philip Proctor
TIE Bomber Pilot Jennifer Pajor
TIE Fighter Pilot Keith Szarabajka
TR-SD Driver Neil Ross
Tatooine Farmer Michael Bell
Torpedo Launcher Driver Kevin Michael Richardson
Transport Pilot Ethan Phillips
Troop Carrier Driver Debi Mae West
Wedge Antilles Robert Foster

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