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High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange, The
High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 28 May 2012

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Annoying Cutsie Tara Strong "Annoying Cutsie," "Generic Holiday Special"
Apple Harland Williams
Arugula Tim Curry "Captain Blood Orange"
Asparagus Blake Clark "Orange the Red"
Auto Pilot Phil LaMarr "Fruit Plane!"
Big Mike Watermelon Patrick Warburton "Generic Holiday Special"
Big Rock Candy John DiMaggio "Marshmalia"
Blue Alan Shearman "Fast and Fruitious"
Blueberry Jeffrey Tambor "The Day the Store Stood Still"
Brianca Phil LaMarr "C.E.O. - Chief Executive Orange"
British Banana Greg Ellis "Founding Fruit"
Butch Ravioli Leah Remini "Spaghetti West"
Cashier McAdams James Remar "Follow the Bouncing Orange"
Clyde Ghost Monster Patton Oswalt "Generic Holiday Special"
Cobb Jane Lynch "Pop Star"
Coconut Tom Kenny
Cornwallace Alan Shearman "Founding Fruit"
Corny Phil LaMarr "Captain Blood Orange"
Cupcake Leader Danny Trejo "Lords of Fruitbush"
Cutie Orange Tom Kenny "Annoying Cutsie"
Dark Knight Malcolm McDowell "Sir Juice-A-Lot"
El Dente Danny Trejo "Spaghetti West"
Endive Tim Curry "Captain Blood Orange"
Fusilli Kid Phil LaMarr "Spaghetti West"
Head Scared Grape Tom Kenny "Escape from the Planet of the Grapes"
Heirloom Tomato Alan Shearman "Captain Blood Orange"
Henry Applesauce Jim Parsons "Generic Holiday Special"
Jack Berry James Remar "Clue Berries," "Generic Holiday Special," "An Orange Carol"
Jane the Peanut Jane Lynch "An Orange Carol"
Jason Jr. Nick Swardson "The Day the Store Stood Still"
Jenny Applesauce Ashley Johnson "Annoying Cutsie," "Generic Holiday Special"
Jittery Guy Nick Swardson "C.E.O. - Chief Executive Orange"
Joey the Carrot Greg Cipes "Generic Holiday Special"
King Marshmallow Michael Clarke Duncan "Marshmalia"
Kiwi Flight Attendant Tom Kenny "Fruit Plane!"
Larry the Doughnut Scott Grimes "Generic Holiday Special"
Mario Jason Ritter "Clue Berries"
Marshmallow Dane Boedigheimer
Matt the Pear Matt Lanter "Generic Holiday Special"
Midget Apple Dane Boedigheimer
Mr. Orange Jeffrey Tambor "Meet the Oranges"
Old Carrot Billy Dee Williams "Orange Belt"
Orange Dane Boedigheimer
Organic Mango John DiMaggio "Annoying Cutsie"
Peach Felicia Day
Peach Revere Dina Sherman "Founding Fruit"
Pear Dane Boedigheimer
Pineapple Jim Cummings
  Michael Sinterniklaas "Annoying Cutsie," "Generic Holiday Special"
Polly Prune Leah Remini "Fruit Loose"
Potato Ben Diskin "Generic Holiday Special"
Princess Peach Jessica DiCicco "Clue Berries"
Professor Plum Tim Curry "Clue Berries"
Ripe Rind Tony Hawk "Fast and Fruitious"
Sheriff Cantaloupe Blake Clark "Spaghetti West"
Squash McAdams Kristen Schaal "Generic Holiday Special"
Squasher John DiMaggio "Lords of Fruitbush"
Starrie Felicia Day "The Day the Store Stood Still"
Veggie Zombie Leader Dee Bradley Baker "Night of the Veggie Zombies"
Zucchini Actress Felicia Day "Boys vs. Girls"

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