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Jetsons, The
Jetsons, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 23 September 1962 - 03 March 1963

The original series, comprising 24 episodes, was produced between 1962 and 1963 and its continuing popularity led to further episodes being produced for syndication between 1985 and 1987.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
"Captain Zoom" Narrator William Woodson "Fantasy Planet"
Announcer Don Messick (1980s bumpers)
Arthur Spacely Dick Beals "The Good Little Scouts," "Elroy's TV Show," "Family Fallout," "Jetson's Millions"
Asteroid Cogswell Nancy Cartwright "Judy's Elopement"
Astro Don Messick
Bailiff Daws Butler "Millionaire Astro"
Bank Security Guard #1 Howard Morris "The Space Car"
Bank Security Guard #2 Daws Butler "The Space Car"
Bank Teller Daws Butler "The Space Car"
Buddy Blastoff Don Messick "Uniblab"
Bus Driver Howard Morris "Far-Out Father"
Cat Burglar Mel Blanc "The Coming of Astro"
Celeste Skyler Janet Waldo "A Visit from Grandpa"
Colonel Countdown Daws Butler "G.I. Jetson"
Commissioner John Stephenson "Wedding Bells for Rosie"
Construction Worker Allan Melvin "9 to 5 to 9"
Cousin Melissa Didi Conn "Judy Takes Off"
Curly Quasar Gregg Berger "Judy's Birthday Surprise"
DJ Brian Cummings "Father/Daughter Dance"
DWMR Officer John Stephenson "Wedding Bells for Rosie"
Desk Sergeant Don Messick "Elroy's Mob"
Di-Di Selma Diamond (1985)
  Brenda Vaccaro (1987)
Dr. Input Paul Winchell "S'No Relative"
Dr. Ruth Robot Joan Gerber "Wedding Bells for Rosie"
Drummer George O'Hanlon "A Date with Jet Screamer"
Elroy Jetson Daws Butler
Emily Scopes Janet Waldo "A Visit from Grandpa"
Employee #2 Don Messick "Uniblab"
Executive Vice President Phil Hartman "Boy George"
Florist Lorenzo Music "The Odd Pod"
French Reporter Mel Blanc "Test Pilot"
Galacta Sneak Barry Gordon "Solar Snoopers"
General McMissile Mel Blanc "G.I. Jetson"
George Jetson Francis Lax (French)
  George O'Hanlon
George Jetson's Conscious Howard Morris "Elroy's Pal"
GiGi Galaxy Jean Vander Pyl "Las Venus"
Gloria Jean Vander Pyl "The Space Car"
Grandma Ganymede Ruth Buzzi "Fantasy Planet"
Grandpa Montague Jetson Howard Morris "A Visit from Grandpa," "Grandpa and the Galactic Golddigger," "Father/Daughter Dance"
Hall Monitor Rob Paulsen "Boy George"
Harlan Howard Morris
Helen Joan Gardner "Dude Planet"
Henry Orbit Jorge Arvizu (Spanish (Latin American))
  Daws Butler
Hunky Frank Welker "S'No Relative"
Indoctrination Center Robot Mel Blanc "G.I. Jetson"
Inductee #1 Daws Butler "G.I. Jetson"
Inductee #2 Mel Blanc "G.I. Jetson"
Inductee #3 Daws Butler "G.I. Jetson"
J. P. Gotrockets Hal Smith "Millionaire Astro"
J.B. Daws Butler "The Space Car"
Jacob Marsley Chuck McCann "A Jetson Christmas Carol"
Jacque Nova Rob Paulsen "Boy George"
Jane Jetson Penny Singleton
Jane's Mother Jean Vander Pyl "Rosey the Robot"
Jet Screamer Howard Morris "A Date with Jet Screamer"
Judge Daws Butler "Millionaire Astro"
Judy Jetson Inez GŁnther (German)
  Janet Waldo
Jupiter Juggernaut Peter Cullen "SuperGeorge"
Jury-Vac Don Messick "Millionaire Astro"
Kenny Countdown Don Messick "Elroy's Mob"
Knuckles Nuclear Daws Butler "The Space Car"
Lenny Laser Barry Gordon "Judy Takes Off"
Mac Don Messick
Mangler Mars Allan Melvin "Astro's Big Moment"
Marcia's Father Brian Cummings "Father/Daughter Dance"
Mechanic Barry Gordon "S.M.A.S.H."
Messenger Daws Butler "G.I. Jetson"
Microbe Shepard Menken "Elroy's Mob"
Miss Brainmocker Janet Waldo "Elroy's Mob"
Miss Gamma Janet Waldo "Uniblab"
Molecular Motors Video Announcer Daws Butler "The Space Car"
Molecular Motors Video Man George O'Hanlon "The Space Car"
Molecular Motors Video Mother-in-Law Jean Vander Pyl "The Space Car"
Molecular Motors Video Tailor #2 Howard Morris "The Space Car"
Molecular Motors Video Woman Penny Singleton "The Space Car"
Moll Jean Vander Pyl "The Space Car"
Mr. Cogswell Daws Butler
Mr. Rocket Sonny Melendrez "Fantasy Planet
Mr. Spacely Mel Blanc
Mr. Spacely (young) Frank Welker "A Jetson Christmas Carol"
Mr. Spacely's Lawyer Henry Corden "S.M.A.S.H."
Mr. Spendwell Allan Melvin "9 to 5 to 9"
Mr. Transistor Don Messick "Elroy's TV Show"
Mr. Tweeter Howard Morris "Jane's Driving Lesson," "Rosie Come Home," "9 to 5 to 9"
Mr. Withers Daws Butler "Millionaire Astro"
Mrs. Spacely Jean Vander Pyl
Mugsy Megatron Shepard Menken "Elroy's Mob"
Narrator Don Messick "Millionaire Astro," "Space Bong"
Newscaster Gregg Berger "Rosie Come Home"
Nimbus the Great Howard Morris "Elroy's Pal"
Orbitty Frank Welker (1985-1987)
Owner Manual Disc Voice Gregg Berger "Rosie Come Home"
Pliers Robot Janet Waldo "Elroy in Wonderland"
Police Officer Daws Butler "The Space Car"
Police Officer #1 Don Messick "Elroy's Mob," "Invisibly Yours, George"
Police Officer #2 Howard Morris "Invisibly Yours, George"
Police Radio Daws Butler "The Space Car"
R.U.D.I. Don Messick
Ralph Frank Nelson "Robot's Revenge"
Randy Dan Gilvezan "Invisibly Yours, George"
Richard Rocketeer Frank Welker "Family Fallout"
Robot Dance Instructor Frank Nelson "Dance Time"
Robot Domestic Agency Manager Daws Butler "Rosey the Robot"
Rosie the Robot Jean Vander Pyl
Russian Reporter George O'Hanlon "Test Pilot"
Sam Spacely Roger DeWitt "Judy's Elopement"
Saturn Trash Stasher Don Messick "Elroy in Wonderland"
School Patrol Robots Phil Hartman "Boy George"
Skyhawk Mike Pat Fraley ?
Sneak Barry Gordon "Solar Snoops"
Solarini Allan Melvin "Fugitive Fleas"
Space Bong Frank Welker "Space Bong"
Spirit of Christmas Past Don Messick "A Jetson Christmas Carol"
Spirit of Christmas Present Chuck McCann "A Jetson Christmas Carol"
The Singing Vagabond Cowboy Don Messick "Dude Planet"
Traffic Cop Daws Butler "A Date with Jet Screamer"
  Don Messick "A Visit from Grandpa"
  Howard Morris "The Space Car"
Uniblab Don Messick "Uniblab," "G.I. Jetson," "Wedding Bells for Rosie"
Voice on Tele-Tape Daws Butler "G.I. Jetson"
Wink Martiandale Wink Martindale "ASTROnomical I.Q."
Zoom Broom Penny Singleton "Elroy in Wonderland"
(additional voices) Bob Arbogast (1985)
  Lewis Arquette (1987)
  Rene Auberjonois (1985)
  Gay Autterson (1985)
  Jered Barclay (1985)
  Susan Blu (1985)
  Valri Bromfield (1987)
  Foster Brooks (1985-1987)
  Rodger Bumpass (1985-1987)
  Victoria Carroll (1985-1987)
  Jerry Dexter (1985-1987)
  Richard Erdman (1985-1987)
  June Foray (1985-1987)
  Joan Gardner (1985)
  Ed Gilbert (1987)
  John Ingle (1985)
  Ralph James (1985)
  Lauri Johnson (1985)
  Stan Jones (1985)
  Zale Kessler (1985-1987)
  Lucy Lee (1985)
  Peter Leeds (1985)
  Allan Lurie (1985-1987)
  Jim MacGeorge (1985)
  Danny Mann (1987)
  Kenneth Mars (1985)
  Gail Matthius (1987)
  Chuck McCann (1985-1987)
  Terence McGovern (1985-1987)
  Julie McWhirter (1985-1987)
  Sidney Miller (1987)
  Cliff Norton (1985)
  Tony Pope (1985)
  Robert Ridgely (1985)
  Tim Rooney (1985)
  Roger Rose (1985)
  Neil Ross (1985)
  Beverly Sanders (1985-1987)
  Marilyn Schreffler (1985)
  Michael Sheehan (1987)
  Andre Stojka (1985)
  Mark L. Taylor (1987)
  Rip Taylor (1987)
  Fred Travalena (1985)
  Chick Vennera (1987)
  B.J. Ward (1985)
  Fredricka Weber (1985)
  Lennie Weinrib (1985)
  William Windom (1985)
(various singing voices) Gene Merlino

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