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Adventures from The Book of Virtues
Adventures from The Book of Virtues

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 02 September 1996
Voice Director: Michael Donovan

Note: For re-airings on Cubo and DVD releases, every episode has been redubbed, replacing the celebrities and established voice actors with unknowns.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Aegeus Frank Welker "Courage"
Albrecht Gessler Tim Curry "Courage"
Alec Ed Begley Jr. "Trustworthiness"
Anders EG Daily "Loyalty"
Anders' Sisters EG Daily "Loyalty"
Androcles Michael York "Compassion"
Anne Sullivan Olivia d'Abo "Patience"
Annie Redfeather Kath Soucie
Apollo Michael Dorn "Humility"
Ariadne B.J. Ward "Courage"
Aristotle Jim Cummings
Assassin Kevin Michael Richardson "Loyalty"
  Frank Welker "Loyalty"
Attendant Chris Sarandon "Generosity"
Aunt Polly Kath Soucie "Work"
Aurora Kath Soucie
Ben Rogers Andrew Lawrence "Work"
Betty Redfeather Christine Avila "Friendship"
Billy Chipmunk Frank Welker "Generosity"
Brother Pedro Lou Diamond Phillips "Charity"
Camel Jim Cummings "Work"
Chauncey Dean Jones "Trustworthiness"
Chief Michael Horse "Honesty"
Child Charlie Adler "Humility"
Cincinnatus Charlton Heston "Citizenship"
Clymene Pat Musick "Humility"
Courtier Jim Cummings "Humility"
  Pat Musick "Humility"
  Adam Wylie "Humility"
Croseus Adam Wylie "Humility"
Daedelus John Forsythe "Responsibility"
Damon George Newbern "Friendship"
Della Joanna Gleason "Generosity"
Dharma Frank Welker "Loyalty"
Dick Kath Soucie "Respect"
Dick's Please Henry Gibson "Respect"
Djinn Paula Poundstone "Work"
Dog Frank Welker "Work"
Eagle Frank Welker "Friendship"
Elbagast Scott Bakula "Integrity"
Eli George Segal "Compassion"
Emperor Jim Cummings "Humility"
Fairy Shelley Duvall "Perserverance"
Father Jim Cummings "Courage"
  Michael Horse "Friendship"
  Frank Welker "Respect"
Foreman Kevin Michael Richardson "Self-Discipline"
Frog Child Christine Cavanaugh "Friendship"
Frog Father Frank Welker "Friendship"
Frog Prince Jeff Bennett "Honesty"
Gatekeeper Malcolm McDowell "Loyalty"
George Washington Kath Soucie "Honesty"
George Washington's Brother Jeff Bennett "Honesty"
George Washington's Sister Paige O'Hara "Honesty"
Ghengis Khan Jim Cummings "Self-Discipline"
Guard Ed Begley Jr. "Courage"
Guest Peter Renaday "Loyalty"
Guillermo Ricardo Montalbán "Charity"
Haman Michael Des Barres "Loyalty"
Harriet Tubman Alfre Woodard "Faith"
Henry Julian Sands "Responsibility"
Herald Neil Ross "Humility"
Horse Daniel Davis "Work"
Icarus Elijah Wood "Responsibility"
Indra Malcolm McDowell "Loyalty"
Jim Pamela Adlon "Work"
  Chris Sarandon "Generosity"
Jinkyswoitmaya Ben Savage "Determination"
Joe Dana Hill "Work"
John B.J. Ward "Respect"
John's Please Arte Johnson "Respect"
Julie Saffron Henderson "Friendship"
King Peter Renaday "Loyalty"
  Frank Welker "Honesty"
King Ahasuerus Brock Peters "Loyalty"
King Canute Neil Ross "Humility"
King Charlemagne Dean Cain "Integrity"
King Dionysius Peter Strauss "Friendship"
King Midas Clive Revill "Self-Discipline"
King Minos Tim Curry "Responsibility," "Courage"
King Yudisthrida Richard Libertini "Loyalty"
Lady Mouse Kath Soucie "Courage"
Lars Kath Soucie "Loyalty"
Liese Pam Dawber "Self-Discipline"
Madame Sofroni Tippi Hedren "Generosity"
Maiden Jennifer Hale "Honesty"
Man Bronson Pinchot "Work"
Marigold Sherry Lynn "Self-Discipline"
Martin Esai Morales "Charity"
Merchant Richard Libertini "Loyalty"
  Brock Peters "Loyalty"
Minotaur Frank Welker "Courage"
Molly Mouse Tippi Hedren "Generosity"
Mongal Dog Frank Welker "Loyalty"
Mordecai Jim Cummings "Loyalty"
Morning Light Irene Bedard "Honesty"
Mother Joan Gerber "Respect"
Mountain Cloud Jennifer Hale "Honesty"
Mr. Straw Pat Morita "Charity"
Mr. Washington Frank Welker "Honesty"
Nils Charlie Adler "Humility"
Old Mouse Kevin Michael Richardson "Courage"
  B.J. Ward "Courage"
Old Mr. Rabbit Lewis Arquette "Generosity"
Old Woman Kathy Najimy "Self-Discipline"
Peter's Mother Tress MacNeille "Self-Discipline"
Plato Kevin Michael Richardson
Priest Clive Revill "Self-Discipline"
Prime Minister Frank Welker "Humility"
Princess EG Daily "Loyalty"
  Paige O'Hara "Honesty"
Pythias Jim Cummings "Friendship"
Queen Vashti Kath Soucie "Loyalty"
Quiet Fire Candi Milo "Honesty"
Rocking Horse Jim Cummings "Generosity"
Royal Guard Michael Des Barres "Loyalty"
  Kevin Michael Richardson "Loyalty"
Salesman Lewis Arquette "Generosity"
Sarah West Cathy Cavadini "Friendship"
Scarface Wes Studi "Perserverance"
Schoolmaster Daniel Davis "Work"
Servant Hamilton Camp "Humility"
Sharp Eyes Irene Bedard "Honesty"
Skinny Mouse Mark Hamill "Courage"
Snake Child Kath Soucie "Friendship"
Snake Mother Cathy Cavadini "Friendship"
Socrates Frank Welker
Soldier Jim Cummings "Friendship"
  Mark Hamill "Courage"
  Kevin Michael Richardson "Courage"
Stranger Frank Welker "Self-Discipline"
Strong Wind Michael Horse "Honesty"
Teacher Tress MacNeille "Self-Discipline"
Theseus Mark Hamill "Courage"
Tom Sawyer Matthew Lawrence "Work"
Tommy Chickadee Jim Cummings "Generosity"
Treasurer Pat Musick "Humility"
Ulysses Mark Harmon "Perseverence"
William Tell Ed Begley Jr. "Courage"
Willie B.J. Ward "Courage"
Wills Hamilton Camp "Humility"
Zack Nichols Pamela Adlon
(theme song vocals) Bobbi Page
  Oren Waters
  Maxine Waters-Willard

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