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Mad Monster Party?
Mad Monster Party?

Also Known As: Mad Monster Party
Genre: Stop-Motion Animated Film
Release Date: 30 May 1969

Completed in 1966, debuted theatrically in 1969.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Baron Boris von Frankenstein Boris Karloff
Chef Machiavelli Allen Swift
Count Dracula Klaus Miedel (German)
  Allen Swift
Creature from the Black Lagoon Allen Swift
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Erich Fiedler (German)
  Allen Swift
Felix Flankin Allen Swift
  Joachim Tennstedt (German)
First Mate Allen Swift
Francesca Gale Garnett
Freighter Captain Allen Swift
Invisible Man Edgar Ott (German)
  Allen Swift
It Allen Swift
Mailman Allen Swift
Mr. Kronkite Allen Swift
Quasimodo Allen Swift
Skeleton Allen Swift
The Monster Allen Swift
The Monster's Mate Phyllis Diller
Werewolf Allen Swift
Yetch Allen Swift

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