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Samurai Jack
Samurai Jack

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 11 March 2017 - 20 May 2017

This mini-series served as the fifth and final season of Samurai Jack.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Aki Kari Wahlgren "XCIV"
Aku Greg Baldwin
Ami Kari Wahlgren "XCIV"
Ashi Tara Strong
Avi Tara Strong "XCIV"
Bandit Keone Young "XCIV"
Chritchellite Tom Kenny "XCVII"
Crow Corey Burton "XCV"
Da Samurai Keegan-Michael Key "XCVII"
Demongo Kevin Michael Richardson "XCVII"
Dominator Aaron LaPlante "XCVI"
Emperor Sab Shimono "XCII" "XCIV"
Flora Grey Griffin "XCVI" "CI"
Frog Phil LaMarr "XCIV"
High Priestess Grey Griffin
Host Phil LaMarr "XCIII"
Jack's Mother Lauren Tom "XCII"
Monk Keone Young "XCVIII"
Monkey Man Jeff Bennett "CI"
Mud Alien Chris Parnell "XCIII"
Odin Aaron LaPlante "XCVIII"
Olivia Grey Griffin "XCVII"
Past Aku Mako (Archive audio) "CI"
Ra Daran Norris "XCVIII"
Rama Daran Norris "XCVIII"
Ringo Greg Baldwin "CI"
Rothchild Rob Paulsen "CI"
Samurai Jack Phil LaMarr
Scaramouch Tom Kenny "XCII" "XCVII" "C"
Scientist Chris Parnell "XCIII"
Scotsman John DiMaggio "XCVI" "CI"
Spartok Daran Norris "CI"
The Omen Aaron LaPlante "XCVI" "XCVII"
Tigers Billy West "XCIX"
Vision Tara Strong "XCV"
Walrus Chef Billy West "XCIX"
Woolie #1 Kevin Michael Richardson "XCVII"
(theme song singer) will.i.am

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