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Genre: Animated TV Series
Release Date: 06 February 2016

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
1920s Female Gangster Kari Wahlgren "Haunted Dog House"
1920s Gangster Brian Kimmet "Haunted Dog House"
Alien Harland Williams "Indistinguishable from Magic"
Alpha Dog Donovan Patton "The Chocolate Vampire Bunny"
Andrew Jackson Donovan Patton "Lafitte's Lucky Locket"
Arthur Monroe Chris Kattan
Baron Karloff Donovan Patton "Harold the Vampire Pointer"
Becky Kate Higgins
Bunnicula Chris Kattan
Caesar Patrick Seitz "Blueberry Blues"
Caged Bird Sean Astin "Alligator Tears"
Captain Phil LaMarr "Bunn on a Plane"
Cassandra Audrey Wasilewski "Alligator Tears"
Cerberus Patrick Seitz "Three Heads Are Better Than One"
Chester Sean Astin
Cockroach Mumkey Brad Grusnick
Cool Cat Kari Wahlgren "Evil Cat Videos"
Count Dracula Brian Kimmet "Muddy Harry," "Beware Apartment 13!"
Count Orlock Fred Tatasciore "Orlockdown"
Creaking Monster Jim Cummings "Chips and Salsa"
Dragon P.J. Byrne "Bunn Vs."
Duck #1 Kari Wahlgren "Alligator Tears"
Duck #2 Arif S. Kinchen "Alligator Tears"
Ed Keith Ferguson "The Curiosity Shop Killed the Cat"
Evil 1980s Mouse Brad Grusnick "Evil Cat Videos"
Fluffy Sumalee Montano
Gary Keith Ferguson "Three Heads Are Better Than One"
General Cashews Rick Zieff "Bunzilla"
Ghost Pepper Dave Wittenberg "Ghost Pepper"
Ghost of Ed Jim Cummings "Chips and Salsa"
Giant Snake Carlos Alazraqui "Bunn on a Plane"
Gingerdread Man Patrick Seitz "The Gingerdread Man"
Gordon Scott Menville "The Fruit Fly"
Granny Kate Higgins "Adopt a Vampire"
Greta Laraine Newman "Bunn on a Plane"
Grimbyte Jim Pirri "Nevermoar"
Gumbo Grunch Jim Cummings "Legend of the Lucky Locket," "Lord of the Lucky Locket"
Gunther Carlos Alazraqui "Bearshee"
Harold Brian Kimmet
Hideous Thing Brian Kimmet "Indistinguishable from Magic"
Hole of the Unworthy Daran Norris "Hole of the Unworthy"
Infomercial Announcer Keith Ferguson "Iron Bunn"
Jackalope Brian Kimmet "Lucky Vampire's Foot"
Jumbo Grunch Neil Kaplan "Legend of the Lucky Locket," "Lord of the Lucky Locket"
Knight Owl Stephen Stanton "Whooo Is... The Knight Owl"
Lady in Flashback Kari Wahlgren "Evil Cat Videos"
Lady on TV Grey Griffin "Whooo Is... The Knight Owl"
Lafitte Keith Ferguson "Lafitte's Lucky Locket"
Lead Prison Guard Carl Lumbly "Prism Prison"
Li'l Capone Lara Jill Miller "Haunted Dog House"
Little Fly Scott Menville "The Fruit Fly"
Lugosi Richard Steven Horvitz
Madame Polodouri Grey Griffin
Madame Renée Acoutrément Susan Blakeslee "Ghost Chef"
Male Reporter Jim Cummings "Queen Wicked, The Wicked Queen"
Man Brian Kimmet "Alligator Tears"
Man Brushing Teeth Chris Kattan "Alligator Tears"
Marsha Monie Mon
Milo and Otto Keith Ferguson "The Curiosity Shop Killed the Cat"
Mina Monroe Kari Wahlgren
Monster with Hat Greg Eagles "Bunn Vs."
Mr. Molesbee Tom Kenny "Beware Apartment 13!"
Mr. Person Dee Bradley Baker "Mark of the Mandrake"
Mrs. Varney Yvette Nicole Brown "Lucky Vampire's Foot"
Narrator Patrick Seitz
New Owner Patrick Seitz "Chips and Salsa"
Nutty Pete Sean Astin "Haunted Dog House"
Pa Rabbit Joe J. Thomas "Down the Rabbit Hole"
Patches the Weredude Eric Bauza
Putt-Putt Pete Donovan Patton "How the West Was Bunn"
Raccoon #1 Brian Kimmet "Alligator Tears"
Raccoon #2 Arif S. Kinchen "Alligator Tears"
Randill Brian T. Delaney "Collar Me Crazy"
Rat Jim Cummings "Chips and Salsa"
Robo T-Rex Scott Menville "Jurrasicnicula"
Rock Monster P.J. Byrne "Bunn Vs."
Rocko Phil LaMarr "Legend of the Lucky Locket"
Russell Ben Diskin "Brussel Boy"
Rusty Bones Greg Eagles "Garlicked"
Scott Dingleman Scott Menville
Siobhan Nicole Parker "Bearshee"
Skunk Scott Menville "Vampire Tick"
Sphinx Sculptor Greg Eagles "Blueberry Blues"
Steve Keith Ferguson "Bunderworld"
TV Voice Over Patrick Seitz "Chips and Salsa"
Ted Arif S. Kinchen "Alligator Tears"
Ted's Wife Luenell "Alligator Tears"
Thomas Edison's Ghost Harland Williams "Indistinguishable from Magic"
Treegor Patrick Seitz "On Mina's Secret Service"
Vampire Bat Carl Lumbly "Prism Prison"
Vampire Tick Scott Menville "Vampire Tick"
Woody Bob Bergen "Dating for Dummies"
Zakarov Yuri Lowenthal "Bunn in Space"

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