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Evil Con Carne
Evil Con Carne

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 2000
Voice Director: Kris Zimmerman

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Abraham Lincoln Peter Renaday "The Pie Who Loved Me"
Bailiff Gregg Berger "Evil on Trial"
Bear Patrol Frank Welker "Evil Goes Wild!"
Bigfoot Daniel Hagen "No No Nanook"
Boskov the Bear Frank Welker
Cataclysma April Stewart "League of Destruction"
Cod Commando Maxwell Atoms
Cod Commando (singing voice) Robert Picardo "The Pie Who Loved Me"
Destructicus Con Carne Rino Romano "Son of Evil"
Dr. Courage Peter Renaday "Max Courage"
Estroy Maurice LaMarche
FBI Agent Gregg Berger "Evil on Trial"
General Skarr Armin Shimerman
Hector Con Carne Phil LaMarr
Hector's Stomach Armin Shimerman
Judge Bukowski Mark Hamill "Evil on Trial"
Kablamity Jane Masasa Moyo "Go Spork"
Liz Grey Griffin "Evil on Trial"
Max Courage Quinton Flynn "Max Courage"
Newscaster Frank Welker "Evil on Trial"
Nurse Bully Rachael MacFarlane "Bring Me The Head of Hector Con Carne"
Professor Death Ray Maxwell Atoms "League of Destruction"
Rick Courage Scott Menville "Max Courage"
Rocko Mark Hamill "Evil on Trial"
Samurai Cat Frank Welker "Son of Evil"
Santa Claus Frank Welker "Christmas Con Carne"
Snowman Charlie Adler "Christmas Con Carne"
Troop Terror Leader April Stewart "League of Destruction"
Trooper Frank Welker "Everybody Loves Uncle Bob"
Uncle Bob Armin Shimerman "Everybody Loves Uncle Bob"
Warren Tom Kenny "Everybody Loves Uncle Bob"
Wheelchair Man Phil LaMarr "Evil on Trial"
Woman #2 Rachael MacFarlane "Bring Me The Head of Hector Con Carne"

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