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Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 09 September 1995 - 1997
Voice Director: Andrea Romano

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Anton Larry Cedar "Mission: Freakazoid"
Ape Monsters Jim Cummings "The Island of Dr. Mystico"
Armondo Guitierrez Ricardo Montalbán "The Chip," "Wrath of Gutierrez," "Hero Boy," "Normadeus"
Armondo Gutierrez Pierre Hatet (French) "The Chip," "Wrath of Gutierrez," "Hero Boy," "Normadeus"
Attendant John Rubinow "Virtual Freak"
Attendant #1 Randy Crenshaw "Hero Boy"
Attendant #2 Bob Joyce "Hero Boy"
Baffeardin Clive Revill "Lawn Gnomes, Chapter IV: Fun in the Sun"
Bearded Archeologist Jeff Bennett "Tomb of Invisibo"
Bernt Larry Cedar "The Cloud"
Big Snake Frank Welker "Two Against Freak"
Board Member Neil Ross "The Chip, Part 1"
Buzz James Cronin "Candle Jack"
Candlejack Jeff Bennett
Captain Kirk Maurice LaMarche "The Nerdator"
Cave Guy / Royce Mumphry Jeff Bennett
Chip Clavicle Larry Cedar "Freak-a-Panel"
Christina Tress MacNeille "Foamy the Freakadog"
Cobra Queen / Audrey Manatee Tress MacNeille
Crow Frank Welker "Lawn Gnomes, Chapter IV: Fun in the Sun"
Dan Maurice LaMarche "Freakazoid Is History," "Sewer or Later"
Dash O' Pepper Granville Van Dusen "Toby Danger: Doomsday Bet"
Deadpan Bebe Neuwirth "Wrath of Gutierrez"
Debbie Douglas Tress MacNeille
Deep-Voiced Singer Dorian Harewood "The Freakazoid"
Dexter Douglas David Kaufman
Dinosaur Frank Welker "Virtual Freak"
Doc Brian George "Wrath of Gutierrez," Two Against Freak"
Dogcatcher Rob Paulsen "Foamy the Freakadog"
Dot Tress MacNeille "Freakazoid and Friends," "Next Time, Phone Ahead!"
Douglas Douglas Gilbert Levy (French)
  John P. McCann
Dr. Gunther Hunterhanker Kenneth Mars "Candle Jack"
Dr. Mystico Tim Curry "The Island of Dr. Mystico"
Dr. Vernon Danger Don Messick "Toby Danger: Doomsday Bet"
Duncan Douglas Googy Gress
Elliott Quinton Flynn "The Nerdator"
Erik the Large Maurice LaMarche "Lawn Gnomes, Chapter IV: Fun in the Sun"
Fan Boy Stephen Furst
Fatman Marc Drotman "Fatman and Boy Blubber," "Hero Boy"
Female Neighbor Andrea Martin "Statuesque"
Female Singer Elizabeth Lamers "Tomb of Invisibo"
Foamy the Freakadog Frank Welker "Foamy the Freakadog"
Francois Rob Paulsen "Dexter's Date"
Freakazoid Emmanuel Garijo (French)
  Paul Rugg
Fred the Guard Frank Welker "Toby Danger: Doomsday Bet"
General Toku Frank Welker "Hero Boy"
George Takei Rob Paulsen "And Fanboy is His Name"
Great Mystic Gnome Roscoe Lee Browne "Lawn Gnomes Chapter IV: Fun in the Sun"
Gulliver Frank Welker "A Matter of Love"
H. A. Futterman Ben Stein "Relax-O-Vision"
Hermil Sioro Clive Revill "Normadeus"
Hero Boy John P. McCann "Hero Boy," "Two Against Freak"
Honna Rose Marie "Lawn Gnomes, Chapter IV: Fun in the Sun"
Huska Carl Ballantine "Lawn Gnomes, Chapter IV: Fun in the Sun"
Invisibo / Ahmon Kor-Unch Corey Burton "Tomb of Invisibo"
Jack Valenti Jack Valenti "The Chip"
Janos Ivnovels Jim Cummings "Mission Freakazoid"
Joey Scott Menville "Fatman and Boy Blubber"
Kathy Elisabeth Moss "Candle Jack"
Keir Dullea Jeff Bennett "The Wrath of Gutierrez"
Krimson Kvetch Maurice LaMarche "Legends Who Lunch"
Lead Attendant Jeff Bennett "Hero Boy"
Leonard Maltin Leonard Maltin "The Island of Dr. Mystico"
Longhorn / Jubal "Bull" Nixon Maurice LaMarche
Lonnie Tallbutt Mitch Schauer "House of Freakazoid"
Lord Bravery Jeff Bennett
Louis Scott McAfee "Fatman and Boy Blubber"
Lt. Artie King Dorian Harewood "A Time For Evil," "Terror Palace"
Lyle Spanger Clive Revill "The Cloud"
Male Suspect Larry Cedar "Normadeus"
Man in the Hole Michael Des Barres "Sewer Rescue"
Manager Jeff Bennett "Virtual Freak"
Mark Hamill Mark Hamill "And Fanboy is His Name"
Mary Beth Tress MacNeille "A Matter of Love"
Medulla Jeff Bennett "Dexter's Date," "Normadeus"
Mike Jeff Bennett "And Fanboy is His Name," "In Arms Way," "A Matter of Love"
Mo-Ron/Bo-Ron Stan Freberg "Mo-Ron" segments, "Next Time, Phone Ahead"
Mohammad-Abdul Rob Paulsen "Sewer or Later"
Mother Mark Slaughter "Sewer Rescue"
Mr. Chubbikins Frank Welker
Mr. Snarzetti Brian George "Office Visit"
Norm Abram Norm Abram "Normadeus"
Oblongata Larry Cedar "Dexter's Date," "Normadeus"
Our Announcer Joe Leahy
Paul Harvey Paul Rugg
Pinky Rob Paulsen "Freakazoid is History"
Professor Beasthead John Rhys-Davies "Tomb of Invisibo"
Professor Heiney Ed Gilbert "The Cloud," "A Matter of Love," "Statuesque"
Professor Jones Jonathan Harris (1996-1997)
Roddy MacStew Craig Ferguson
Rothgar Maurice LaMarche "Lawn Gnomes, Chapter IV: Fun in the Sun"
Sandra Danger Mary Scheer "Toby Danger: Doomsday Bet"
Santa Claus Frank Welker "In Arms Way"
Secretary Tress MacNeille "The Freakazoid"
Sgt. Mike Cosgrove Edward Asner
  Gilbert Levy (French)
Sharon Stone Tress MacNeille "Freakazoid is History"
Singer #1 Dorian Harewood "Two Against Freak"
  Elizabeth Lamers "A Matter of Love"
Singer #2 Julie Bernstein "A Matter of Love"
  Jess Harnell "Dexter's Date"
Singer #3 Bob Joyce "A Matter of Love"
Singer #4 Dorian Harewood "A Matter of Love"
  Jon Joyce "Two Against Freak"
Singer (Huntsman Theme) Jim Cummings "A Time for Evil," "Terror Palace"
Singer (Lord Bravery Theme) Rob Paulsen "Sewer Rescue," "Office Visit"
Speaker Voice Tress MacNeille "Wrath of Gutierrez"
Steff Tracy Rowe
Steven Spielberg Frank Welker "Next Time, Phone Ahead," "The Nerdator," "The Freakazoid"
Tammy Mari Devon "Hero Boy"
The Brain Maurice LaMarche "Freakazoid is History," "The Freakazoid"
The Doorkeeper Mitch Schauer "Wrath of Gutierrez"
The Huntsman Jeff Bennett
The Lobe David Warner
The Nerdator Aron Kincaid "The Nerdator"
  Michel Vigné (French) "The Nerdator"
The Semiconductor Jim Cummings "Toby Danger: Doomsday Bet"
The Wolfman Jim Cummings "House of Freakazoid"
Toby Danger Scott Menville "Toby Danger: Doomsday Bet"
Turk Matt Landers "Hot Rods from Heck"
Unag Ed Gilbert "The Cloud"
Vorn the Unspeakable Richard Moll "Statuesque"
Waiter #1 (Singer) Randy Crenshaw "Dexter's Date"
Wakko Jess Harnell "Freakazoid and Friends," "Next Time, Phone Ahead," "The Freakazoid"
Warden Riba Brian George "The Wrath of Guitierrez"
Waylon Jeepers Jeff Bennett "Dance of Doom," "Statuesque," "Normadaus"
Wolf Man Richard Moll "Statuesque"
Yakko Rob Paulsen "Freakazoid and Friends"
Young Quist Larry Gelman "Lawn Gnomes, Chapter IV: Fun in the Sun"
(main title singer) Randy Crenshaw

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