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Bug's Life, A
Bug's Life, A

Genre: Animated Film
Release Date: 1997

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
"I'm Lost!" Ant Carlos Alazraqui
Ant Boy Jordan Warkol
Ants Philip Proctor
Axel Jan Rabson
Baby Maggots Debi Derryberry
Blueberry Ant Ashley Tisdale
Bus Beetle Jess Harnell
Cockroach Waitress Mickie McGowan
Cornelius Francisco Colmenero (Spanish (Latin American))
  David Ossman
Dim Brad Garrett
  Pekka Lehtosaari (Finnish)
Dr. Flora Edie McClurg
Flik Dave Foley
Fly Jack Angel
  Philip Proctor
Francis Denis Leary
  Petteri Summanen (Finnish)
Grasshoppers Philip Proctor
Gypsy Madeline Kahn
Harry John Lasseter
Heimlich Tommy Kenter (Danish)
  Joe Ranft
Hopper Kevin Spacey
Manny Jonathan Harris
Molt Richard Kind
Mosquito Rodger Bumpass
Mosquito Waitress Mickie McGowan
Mr. Soil Roddy McDowall
  Arturo Mercado (Spanish (Latin American))
P.T. Flea John Ratzenberger
Princess Atta Chiara Colizzi (Italian)
  Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Princess Dot Hayden Panettiere
  Yumi Sudou (Japanese)
Queen Phyllis Diller
Roll Michael McShane
Rosie Bonnie Hunt
Slim David Hyde Pierce
  Jukka Rasila (Finnish)
Thorny Alex Rocco
Thumper David L. Lander
Tuck Michael McShane
(additional voices) Bob Bergen
  Kimberly J. Brown
  Jennifer Darling
  Rachel Davey
  Paul Eiding
  Bill Farmer
  Courtland Mead
  Ryan O'Donohue
  Jeff Pidgeon
  Jordy Ranft
  Andrew Stanton
  Russi Taylor
  Lee Unkrich

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