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Wake, Rattle & Roll
Wake, Rattle & Roll

Also Known As: Jump, Rattle, and Roll
Genre: Animated/Live Action Series
Release Dates: 1990 - 1991
Voice Director: Gordon Hunt

When the series aired on the Disney Channel, it was re-titled "Jump, Rattle, and Roll." Seeing as there were no commercials at the time, a filler cartoon was added: either reruns of "Dino and Cavemouse" (from"The Flintstones Comedy Show") or reruns of "Undercover Elephant" (from "CB Bears").

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
"Fender Bender 500" Announcer Shadoe Stevens
Angel Pat Musick "Monster Tails" segments
Augie Doggie Patric Zimmerman
Axel Neil Ross
Baba Looey Neil Ross
Boo Boo Bear Don Messick
Catula Charlie Adler "Monster Tails" segments
Choo Choo Marvin Kaplan
D.E.C.K.S Rob Paulsen
Dick Dastardly Paul Winchell
Dixie Patric Zimmerman
Doggie Daddy John Stephenson
Dr. Veenie / Mr. Snyde Jonathan Winters "Monster Tails" segments
Elsa Pat Musick "Monster Tails" segments
Frankenmutt Frank Welker "Monster Tails" segments
Harry Mutsnatcher Jonathan Winters
Huckleberry Hound Greg Burson
Igor Jr. Charlie Adler
Lucky the Cat Don Messick
Magilla Gorilla Allan Melvin
Malcolm Milkem Richard Gautier
Mrs. Baxter Adrienne Barbeau
Mumfrey Frank Welker "Monster Tails" segments
Muttley Don Messick
Pixie Don Messick
Quick Draw McGraw Greg Burson
Rewind Rob Paulsen
Ronald Chump Tim Curry
Snagglepuss Greg Burson
Top Cat Arnold Stang
Wally Gator John Mariano
Winsome Witch Jean Vander Pyl
Yogi Bear Greg Burson

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