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G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 12 September 1983 - 1986
Voice Director: Wally Burr

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Ace Pat Fraley
Admiral George Latimer John Stephenson "Sink the Montana"
Admiral Ledger Hal Rayle
Agent Lee Weaver "An Eye for An Eye"
Airborne Peter Cullen
Airtight Pat Fraley
Alien Richard Gautier "G.I. Joe and the Golden Fleece"
Alpine Lee Weaver
Announcer Frank Welker "The Wrong Stuff"
B.A. LaCarre Richard Gautier "Raise the Flagg"
Barbecue Loren Lester
Baroness Morgan Lofting
Bazooka John Hostetter
Beach Head William Callaway
Biker Michael Bell "Red Rocket's Glare"
Blowtorch Michael Bell
Breaker Chris Latta
Brittany "Bree" Van Mark Susan Blu "The Million Dollar Medic"
Buck McCann Richard Gautier "The Rotten Egg"
Buzzer Neil Ross
Caleb Bronson Buster Jones "Red Rocket's Glare"
Captain Lukrov Wally Burr "The Great Alaskan Land Rush"
Carmandy Michael Bell "Operation Mind Menace"
Charles Fairmont Johnny Haymer "An Eye for An Eye"
Chuck Bill Ratner "Flint's Vacation"
Clerk Liz Aubrey "Lights! Camera! Cobra!"
Clutch Michael Bell
Cobra Commander Chris Latta
Cobra Commander Actor Bill Morey "Lights! Camera! Cobra!"
Cobra Officer Michael Bell "Jungle Trap," "Operation Mind Menace," "Battle for the Train of Gold"
  Arthur Burghardt "Eau de Cobra"
  Peter Cullen "Operation Mind Menace"
  Pat Fraley "Cobra Stops the World"
  Buster Jones "Battle for the Train of Gold"
  Chris Latta "The Pyramid of Darkness" Pt. 2, "Worlds Without End" Pt. 2
  Bill Ratner "Haul Down the Heavens"
  Frank Welker "The Pyramid of Darkness" Pt. 2, "Memories of Mara," "Last Hour to Doomsday"
Cobra Trainee Frank Welker "Countdown for Zartan"
Cobra Trooper Michael Bell "Synthoid Conspiracy" Pt. 2, "Bazooka Saw a Sea Serpent," "Hearts and Cannons"
  Arthur Burghardt "Lasers in the Night," "Hearts and Cannons"
  Peter Cullen "Where the Reptiles Roam"
  Chris Latta "The Traitor" Pt. 2
  Bill Ratner "Cobra's Creatures," "Twenty Questions," "The Germ," "Hearts and Cannons"
Colonel Brekhov Gregg Berger
Colonel Sharp Dave Hall
Colonel Slash Bill Morey
Computer Buster Jones "Iceberg Goes South"
  Chris Latta "Hearts and Cannons"
Copperhead Frank Welker
Cover Girl Liz Aubrey
Cowboy Michael Bell "Money to Burn"
Criminal Frank Welker "The Spy Who Rooked Me"
Crimson Guard Michael Bell "Lights! Camera! Cobra!"
  Chris Latta "Cobra Stops the World," "Cobra's Creatures"
  Lee Weaver "Captives of Cobra" Pt. 1
Crimson Guard X-99 Neil Ross "The Germ"
Cross Country Michael McConnohie
Cutter Gregg Berger
Deep Six Hal Rayle
Destro Arthur Burghardt
  Francis Lax (French)
Dial Tone Hank Garrett
Doc Buster Jones
Donna Dasher Lisa Raggio "Grey Hairs and Growing Pains"
Dr. Filmoss Johnny Haymer "An Eye for An Eye"
Dr. Hamler Wally Burr "The Pit of Vipers"
Dr. Hibbentrope Chris Latta "The Funhouse"
Dr. Jeremy Penser Neil Ross "My Brother's Keeper"
Dr. Lucifer John Stephenson "Cobra's Creatures"
Dr. Marsh / Amen-Ra Peter Renaday "The Gods Below"
Dr. Massey Michael Bell "Primordial Plot"
Dr. Mettier Neil Ross "Countdown for Zartan"
Dr. Mindbender Brian Cummings
  Francis Lax (French)
Dr. Shakur Stan Jones "Jungle Trap"
Dr. Windigos Buster Jones "Iceberg Goes South"
Driver Bill Ratner "Money to Burn"
Duke Michael Bell
  Pascal Renwick (French)
Duke Actor Frank Welker "Lights! Camera! Cobra!"
Dusty Neil Ross
Eel Michael Bell "Last Hour to Doomsday"
Fairmont Boy David Mendenhall "An Eye for An Eye"
Farmer Chris Latta "The Germ"
Female Customer Morgan Lofting "Skeletons in the Closet"
Female Scientist Mary McDonald-Lewis "Countdown for Zartan"
Firefly Gregg Berger
Flash Frank Welker
Flint Bill Ratner
Footloose Will Ryan
Frankie Arthur Burghardt "Cold Slither"
Freedom Frank Welker
Frostbite Chris Latta
G.I. Joe Diver Buster Jones "Memories of Mara"
G.I. Joe Trooper Michael Bell "Lasers in the Night," "The Germ"
  Frank Welker "The Viper is Coming"
General Flagg John Stephenson
General Franks John Stephenson "Synthoid Conspiracy"
General Hawk Ed Gilbert
George Lanceberg Corey Burton "Lights! Camera! Cobra!," "Cold Slither"
Greenhouse Owner Michael Bell "The Greenhouse Effect"
Grunt Dan Roth
Gung-Ho Chris Latta
  Christian Pelissier (French)
Hawaiian Girl Mona Marshall "Operation Mind Menace"
Heavy Metal Neil Ross
Hector Ramirez Neil Ross "Not a Ghost of a Chance"
  Frank Welker "The Traitor" Pt. 2
Hoodlum Frank Welker "Captives of Cobra" Pt. 1
Horrorshow Chris Latta
Horus Chris Latta "The Gods Below"
Iceberg Arthur Burghardt
Jabal Michael Bell "Hearts and Cannons"
Jimmy Mary McDonald-Lewis "Bazooka Saw a Sea Serpent"
Junkyard Frank Welker
King Augeas Ed Gilbert "G.I. Joe and the Golden Fleece"
Lady Jaye Mary McDonald-Lewis
Lead Cobra Officer Gregg Berger "Cobra Stops the World"
Leatherneck Chuck McCann
Lifeline Stan Wojno
Lift-Ticket Michael Bell
Low-Light Charlie Adler
M.P. Chris Latta "Cold Slither"
  Frank Welker "Sink the Montana"
Maat Morgan Lofting "The Gods Below"
MacIntosh John Stephenson "Satellite Down"
Madame Vail Mary McDonald-Lewis "Glamour Girls"
Main Title Narrator Jackson Beck
Mainframe Patrick Pinney
Major Bludd Michael Bell
Major Ron Michaels Neil Ross "Not a Ghost of a Chance"
Man Chris Latta "Cobra Stops the World"
Marty Goldblatt Gregg Berger "Lights! Camera! Cobra!"
Mary Belle Morgan Lofting "Where the Reptiles Roam"
Matthew Burke Neil Ross "The Spy Who Rooked Me"
Mean Guy Chris Latta "Money to Burn"
Mike P. Randall Hank Garrett "The Rotten Egg"
Miss Henderhaunch Mary McDonald-Lewis "Money to Burn"
Mongolian Princess Ghost Morgan Lofting "The Phantom Brigade"
Monkeywrench Neil Ross
Mr. C Peter Cullen "The Wrong Stuff"
Mr. Kelly Michael Bell "Captives of Cobra"
Mr. Queeg John Stephenson "Red Rocket's Glare"
Mutt Bill Morey
Observer Arthur Burghardt "Operation Mind Menace"
Official Arthur Burghardt "Synthoid Conspiracy" Pt. 1
Osiris Arthur Burghardt "The Gods Below"
Owen Van Mark Corey Burton "The Million Dollar Medic"
Parapsychologist Arthur Burghardt "Operation Mind Menace"
  Frank Welker "Operation Mind Menace"
Patrick O'Hara Chris Latta "Captives of Cobra"
Policeman Arthur Burghardt "Lights! Camera! Cobra!"
Policewoman Liz Aubrey "Lights! Camera! Cobra!"
Polly Neil Ross
  Frank Welker
Professor Don Messick "Lasers in the Night"
Professor Mullaney Michael Bell "There's No Place Like Springfield," "Joe's Night Out"
Quick Kick François Chau
Recondo Bill Morey
Reporter B.J. Ward "Eau de Cobra"
Reverend Steen Ed Gilbert "Second Hand Emotions"
Ripcord Gregg Berger
Ripper Chris Latta
Roadblock Kene Holliday
Robert Harper Michael Bell "Cobra's Candidate"
Robert Harper Supporter B.J. Ward "Cobra's Candidate"
Robot Chris Latta "The Funhouse"
Rock 'n Roll Will Ryan
  Frank Welker "Jungle Trap"
Sailor Rob Paulsen "Memories of Mara"
  Neil Ross "Excalibur"
Sarah Bronson Mary McDonald-Lewis "Red Rocket's Glare"
Satin Ketty Lester "The Pyramid of Darkness"
Scarlett B.J. Ward
Sci Fi Jerry Houser
Scientist Buster Jones "Countdown for Zartan"
  Frank Welker "Eau de Cobra"
Scrap Iron Michael Bell
Security Guard Jack Angel "My Favorite Things"
  Michael Bell "Worlds Without End" Pt. 1
Security Robot Michael Bell "The Pyramid of Darkness"
Sergeant Gregg Berger "Synthoid Conspiracy" Pt. 1
Serpentor Richard Gautier
Sgt. Carol Weedler Lisa Raggio "Computer Complications"
Sgt. Slaughter Bob Remus
Sheila McDermott Susan Blu "The Rotten Egg"
Shipwreck Neil Ross
Short Fuse Frank Welker
Skeptic Frank Welker "The Greenhouse Effect"
Slip Stream Dan Gilvezan
Snow Job Rob Paulsen
Snow Serpent Arthur Burghardt "The Gamesmaster"
Socrates Airtes Michael Bell "Eau de Cobra"
Soldier Michael Bell "Twenty Questions"
Soviet Ambassador Michael Bell "The Invaders"
Sparks Gregg Berger
Spirit Gregg Berger
Stalker Arthur Burghardt
Steeler Chris Latta
Stinky Neil Ross "Cold Slither"
Storm Shadow Keone Young
Stormavich Stan Jones "The Invaders"
Strato-Viper Jack Angel "Once Upon a Joe"
  Bill Ratner "Grey Hairs and Growing Pains"
Tele-Viper Michael Bell "The Great Alaskan Land Rush"
  Chris Latta "Red Rocket's Glare"
  Frank Welker "The Great Alaskan Land Rush"
Thoth Michael Bell "The Gods Below"
Thrasher Ted Schwartz
Thunder Neil Ross
Timber Frank Welker
Timothy Penser Frank Welker "My Brother's Keeper"
Tollbooth Michael Bell
Tom Frank Welker "Twenty Questions"
Tomax Corey Burton
Tommy Talltree Michael Horton "Operation Mind Menace"
Torch Frank Welker
Torpedo Michael Yama
Tripwire Rob Paulsen
Tunnel Rat Laurie Faso
U.S. Ambassador Frank Welker "The Invaders"
Vena Mona Marshall "Captives of Cobra"
Viper Michael Bell "Glamour Girls"
WWI Pilot Ghost Rob Paulsen "The Phantom Brigade"
Waiter Michael Bell "Computer Complications"
Warden Buster Jones "Cobra's Creatures"
Werewolf Zack Hoffman "The Wrong Stuff"
Wet Suit Jack Angel
Wild Bill Frank Welker
Wild Weasel Pat Fraley
Wong Frank Welker "The Invaders"
Xamot Michael Bell
Zandar Peter Cullen
Zap Buster Jones
Zarana Lisa Raggio
Zartan Zack Hoffman
  Pascal Renwick (French)
(additional voices) Barbara Goodson
  Jimmy Keegan
  Hap Lawrence
  Patricia Lentz
  Marilyn Schreffler

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