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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 2004

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Ash Jay Gordon
Bach Jim Ward
Barrabus Jay Gordon
Beckett Michael Gough (II)
Bertram Tung Dee Bradley Baker
Bishop J. Grant Albrecht
Blueblood James Arnold Taylor
Bodyguard Jay Gordon
Boris Robin Atkin Downes
Brian Greg Ellis
Brother Kanker Robin Atkin Downes
Bruno Andre Sogliuzzo
Bum Daran Norris
  Debi Mae West
Caine Andre Sogliuzzo
Cal Daran Norris
Chang Michael Yama
Christopher Greg Ellis
Chunk Daran Norris
Computer Erin Fitzgerald
Copper Robin Atkin Downes
Damsel Courtenay Taylor
Dennis Phil LaMarr
Doris Courtenay Taylor
E. Greg Ellis
Fat Larry Phil LaMarr
Female Sire Nika Futterman
Gargoyle Fred Tatasciore
Gary Neil Ross
Gimble Michael Gough (II)
Grout J. Grant Albrecht
Hannah Debi Mae West
Hatter Fred Tatasciore
Heather Courtenay Taylor
Hostess Kat Cressida
Imalia Margaret Tang
Isaac Jim Ward
Jeanette Grey Griffin
Jezebel Debi Mae West
Johansen J. Grant Albrecht
Johnny Jay Gordon
Julius James Arnold Taylor
Junkie Margaret Tang
Kiki Margaret Tang
Killer James Arnold Taylor
Kilpatrick J. Grant Albrecht
Knox Greg Ellis
Lily Hope Levy
Lu Fang Keone Young
Malcolm Phil LaMarr
Male Sire Neil Ross
Mandarin Keone Young
Mercurio Andre Sogliuzzo
Milligan Daran Norris
Ming-Xiao Edita Brychta
Mira Erin Fitzgerald
Misti Kat Cressida
Mitnick Jay Gordon
Mr. Ox Dana Lee
Nadia Erin Fitzgerald
Nines Rodriguez Armando Valdes-Kennedy
Nurse Debi Mae West
Patty Debi Mae West
Phil Robin Atkin Downes
Pisha Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Prince Sebastian LaCroix Andy Milder
Regent Jim Ward
Rosa Courtenay Taylor
Sabbat Greg Ellis
Shu Dana Lee
Skelter Phil LaMarr
Slater Josh Paskowitz
Smiling Jack John DiMaggio
Temple Guard Dana Lee
  Keone Young
Therese Grey Griffin
Tommy Fred Tatasciore
Tourette Grey Griffin
Trip Robin Atkin Downes
Tseng Keone Young
V.V. Nika Futterman
Vandal James Arnold Taylor
Venus Kat Cressida
Victor Andre Sogliuzzo
Wong Ho Michael Yama
Zhao Andre Sogliuzzo
Zygaena Armando Valdes-Kennedy

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